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Cock: 7"
6' 2"
hair: brown
eyes: blue
hometown: Los Angeles, CA

* There's 22 photos of Brady Martin in Jason's Closet!

Brady Martin photo

Brady Martin's gay porn career was short-lived, but it was sexy fun while it lasted! As the star of MSR gay films like "At Large" and Stable bisex vids like "Goosed 3," Brady enjoyed the best of both worlds for little over six months. Unfortunately, our dear Mr. Martin, a Los Angeles based personal trainer, had a girlfriend who wasn't so pleased when it came to his on-screen sex romps. Up until his role in Pacific Sun's "Palmer's Lust," Brady had been a top in all of his films. Leave it to Jeff Palmer to flip Brady on his back and plow him like there's no tomorrow. "It wasn't planned," says Palmer of his hot scene with Martin. "I just really wanted to fuck him and he really wanted me to so we did it." The day after the shoot, Brady announced his decision to leave the gay sex film world. But who knows? Maybe someday he'll ditch the bitch and make the switch!

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