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Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
DOB: 3/14
Home Town: San Fernando Valley, CA



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Brooke Hunter photo

Brooke Hunter was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of California. She loved animals as a child and was an accomplished equestrian at a very early age. Once she developed into a sexy young siren, she realized her love for sex and exhibitionism. After high school, Brooke held down a very normal 9 to 5 job at an accounting firm. She was bored to tears and felt in a rut. A friend mentioned online sex as a means for money. Brooke had never considered doing something she loved so much for extra income, but after trying it she knew she had found what she had been looking for. Making the jump into hardcore XXX movie making seemed like the logical next step. She had soon earned her place in the adult world with a video series of her own entitled “Ecstacy." Brooke still rides her horses, but she rides cocks too now and loves roller blading in her free time. She recently reached her ultimate goal of starting her own production company, Hunter Hollywood Productions.

Brooke Hunter on JC TV:
"Tits & Asshole" - LIVE every Monday at 9:00 pm (PT). + 295 photos
"Tits & Asshole: Don Gets A BJ From Trinity Post" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Don & Brooke Fart Wars" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Talking About Industry Money Issues" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Guest Rebecca Love" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Guest Tony Tedeschi" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Fetishes & Trivia" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Porn Movies" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Pussy Smoking" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Guest Keiko" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Don & Brooke Take Calls" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Porn Set Stories & Callers" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Talk About Midget Gangbangs" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Legendary Adult Superstar Marilyn Chambers" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Hosted By Don & Brooke" - (60 mins.)
"Tits & Asshole: Guests Ruby Tuesday & Silvia" - (60 mins.)

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