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Cock: 6 1/2"
Height: 5' 10"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
DOB: 7/15
Home Town: Tujunga, CA



* There's 1 hour of video and 144 photos of Chad Conners inside Jason's Closet!

Chad Connersphoto

Some "gay for pay" models admit that as long as they're doing what they do on camera, they must be some sort of bisexual. Chad Conners doesn't. And I think that mind fuck is hot as shit! Chad Conners began his career in gay XXX performing and escorting as a heterosexual and still professes to be one. To him, gay sex is a business. With a jock's build and a baby face, Chad found on his first movie set at 18 years old, long before there was a such thing as Viagra, that the only way for a true "straight" man to work in gay porn was as a bottom. With the perfect bubble butt, he found himself being booked on countless projects and quickly became a fan favorite. After a few years out of the business, Chad Conners is making his comeback this year as a top. Now signed with Forest Entertainment, Chad's first movie in years will be for producer/director Blue Blake in the title, "Muscle Men Moving Corp., Inc." banging Ben Campezi. With no more baby fat and more muscle than ever before, Chad's no longer just the college jock bottom - he's the quintessential muscle lover's fantasy!

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Chad Conners in Jason's DIARY:
Friday, May 14th, 2004 (13 photos)

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"JC TV Live: Chad's in the Corps!" - 3/8/04 (100 photos)
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Chad Conners on JC TV:
"JC TV Live: Chad's in the Corps!" - 3/8/04 (60 mins.)

Chad Conners in the JC THEATRE: (Available to Non-Members)
"Sensuous Grappling 2" - On Top Productions
"Undress for Success" - West Hollywood Video
* Plus over 20 other movies available! Get the full list here.




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