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Cock: 7"
5' 6"
hair: blonde
eyes: brown

* There's 81 photos of Christian Owen in Jason's Closet!

Christian Owen photo

Christian Owen burst onto the scene as one of the hottest twink porn sensations of 2001 and has since been in and out of the business at different times throughout his career. With his tiny frame, slender build, and hot sex scenes in the likes of Pacific Sun's "Sunny Delights," Owen was quickly picked up by uber gay porn manager/agent, David Forest, and touted as the "ultimate twink" on the gay XXX scene. I first met Christian outside club Micky's in early 2002 where we quickly struck up a friendship and even dated each other for a short time. I haven't heard from Owen since our all too public parting of ways, though I've heard he's buried in work from his latest career as an interior decorator.

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Christian Owen in Jason's DIARY:
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