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Cock: 7"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Home Town: San Fernando Valley, CA


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Dale Dabone photo

Dale Dabone was initiated into the wide world of porn the same year I got into the scene, 1998. While I was being introduced to adult entertainment by Danni Ashe, Dabone was being broken in by Nina Hartley, who he performed his first scene with as an Adam & Eve discovery and eventually a contract exclusive. Dabone came from a background in baseball and entered the XXX genre with a competitive attitude - defensive, arrogant, and a diva on the set. It wasn't long though before Dabone began to let his guard down, as he allowed himself to find a family of friends amongst industry insiders. Today, his reputation remains the same as he swings back and forth between porn and motorcycle stunt work, though honestly he's a bit more down to earth and grounded than his early days on screen. I'll never forget hanging with him at a party one night when everyone was teasingly ragging on him for his "diva" attitude and confidence. "He's not confident," I said. "He's arrogant. There's a difference. Arrogance is feigned confidence. You've just been hurt a lot and have built protection devices around you to keep people from doing it again. It's a shame too because underneath all of that hard-shelled exterior, you're such a puppy dog. You can see it in your eyes. Your eyes give you away." The room silenced, I saw Dabone smile for the first time, and we've been pals ever since.

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