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Height: 4' 11"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
DOB: 7/24
Home Town: Arkansas



* There's 15 hours of video and 215 photos of Gauge inside Jason's Closet! Plus, watch Gauge LIVE every Friday at 5:00 pm (PT).


She's a small town girl who made it big as a sex star in the city! Originally from Arkansas, Gauge's girlish looks made her perfect for the pig-tails and plaid skirt school girl fantasy. With all-natural breasts and crystal green eyes, she's a rare breed in the adult business and a comodity that Metro Films picked up on quite quickly. They snatched her up and signed her to an exclusive contract as soon as they could. These days, Gauge has filed a lawsuit against Metro for not paying her on her last projects with the company and has severed all ties with it's production unit. Not to fear though, we've got Gauge live every Friday right here on JasonCurious.com!

Gauge in Jason's NEWS DESK:
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004 (8 photos)

"Gauge Gets Her Some" - 9/7/04 (15 photos)
"JC TV Live: Gauge Gone Wild!" - 7/5/04 (100 photos)

Gauge on JC TV:
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge" - LIVE every Friday at 5:00 pm (PT).
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Special Guest Smokie Flame" - (60 mins. + 17 photos)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Special Guests Mark Kismit & Paige" - (60 mins.)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Wankus Almost Gets a BJ from Gauge" - (60 mins.)
"JC TV Live: Gauge Gone Wild!" - 7/5/04 (60 mins.)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Gauge Shows Ass & Gets Naked" - (60 mins. + 10 photos)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Justine Jollee & Friends" - (60 mins.)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Johnathan Morgan & Stormy" - (60 mins.)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Guest Rigger Dan" - (60 mins. + 11 photos)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Dick Nasty & Heidi Ho" - (60 mins. + 24 photos)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Bobbie Eden & Franchesca Lay" - (60 mins.)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Wendy Knight & Britney Skye" - (60 mins. + 12 photos)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Wendy Knight" - (60 mins.)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: 4th of July Margarita Party" - (60 mins. + 20 photos)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: Special Guests" - (60 mins. + 15 photos)
"Distorted Reality w/ Gauge: M Doll, Web Man & Candy" - (60 mins.)

Gauge in the JC THEATRE: (Available to Non-Members)
"Please 11: Sexual Superstars" - Evil Angel
"Innocence: Baby Doll" - Ninn Worx
* Plus, over 50 other titles available! Get the full list here.




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