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Cock: 7"
5' 9"
hair: brown
eyes: brown
hometown: Los Angeles, CA

* There's 8 photos of Jacob Hayes in Jason's Closet!

Jacob Hayes photo

Oh how my heart fluttered the second I laid eyes on the elusive Jacob Hayes. Though his gay porn career was short-lived, he made quite the impression on everyone he encountered, entrancing each of us one by one with his boyish good looks, vivacious charm, and an underlying desire for acceptance and to be loved. We struck up a fast friendship (and a few other things) on the set of "Goosed 3: A Bisexual Love Affair." At the time he was a bleached blonde for his role opposite Pepper as Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber (guess which one Jacob ones), but through the most part of his career he sported a short dark brown cut like the one seen here. Soon after shooting "Goosed 3," Jacob found "the love of his life" and has since retired from the industry. We still keep in touch via his many AOL screen names, none of which I can give out unfortunately. He does, however, send his love to all of his fans and hopes you enjoyed the sex while it lasted.

Jacob Hayes in JASON'S DAIRY:
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001

Jacob Hayes in THE VOYEUR'S LOG:
"Goosed 3: A Bisexual Love Affair" - 5/1/01 (8 photos)


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