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Height: 5' 2"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 8/5
Home Town: Rockford, IL



* There's 2 hours and 30 mins. of video and 29 photos of Jewel De'Nyle inside Jason's Closet!

Jewel De'Nylephoto

Jewel De'Nyle is the Mariah Carey of the porn industry. Jewel's story begins when she met mogul Peter North, much as Mariah's did when she hooked up with Tommy Motolla. Like the songstress, the pornstress became the impresario's pet project as North cast her in his highly successful series "The North Pole" and got her a deal as an exclusive with New Sensations. But like Mariah, the more her star shot to fame, the more protected she became. According to De'Nyle, she felt like a prisoner during the years she was with North, like a caged bird who was shielded from the truth about many things, including Peter's gay porn past as Matt Ramsey. He denied the rumors vehemently and she believed him despite what people told her, until one day when her best friend dug up one of his old videos and sat Jewel down for a viewing. The following day, I met Jewel De'Nyle. We worked together on a web shoot and she cried on my shoulder throughout most of the day. "It's not that he did the movies that bothers me," she said. "It's the fact that he lied to me. It's the fact that he's had me defending him and believing him all these years." She felt completely betrayed and immediately severed all ties with Peter, claiming that if there was not trust in a relationship, then there was nothing. Suddenly, Jewel De'Nyle took control of her life and her career for the first time. No longer playing the innocent pretty girl role Peter had carved out for her in his movies, Jewel was now flipping off photographers left and right while lifting her skirt to piss on the red carpet at awards ceremonies. She'd burst from her proverbial cocoon and become the butterfly, completely liberated by her new sexual identity. De'Nyle has gone on to direct her own movies and own her own production company. The only time De'Nyle has openly discussed her breakup with Peter North on camera is during my interview with her for JasonCurious.com's exclusive web show, "Celebrity Uncensored." De'Nyle was engaged to straight male porn star Luciano at the time and we were also the only camera crew to ever be invited into her home. Enjoy!

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Monday, September 17th, 2001
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"Adult Undercover: The 2003 AVN Expo & Awards Show" - 1/11/03 (30 mins.)
"Celebrity Uncensored: Inside the Private Lives of Jewel De'Nyle & Luciano" - 7/12/01 (30 mins.)

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"Poker Face" - Sin City
"On Set with Jewel De'Nyle" - Legend
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