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5' 7"
hair: brown
eyes: brown
hometown: Seward, PA


* There's 26 photos of Jewel Marceau in Jason's Closet!

Jewell Marceau photo

While never having been contracted with any video companies, Jewell Marceau has made a name for herself as an independent agent and an independent woman specializing in fetish and bondage. I happened to meet her on one of her less kinky shoots, working with Bettie Page lookalike Jezebelle Bond. Marceau displays such enthusiasm on the set, it was obvious that she enjoyed being dominated by a girl of Bond's stature. And that silver dildo! My oh my, it was hot. You'll have to read all about it in The Voyeur's Log.

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"Double Play" - 6/20/01 (11 photos)


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