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Cock: 7"
Height: 5'
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Home Town: Sarasota, FL


*There's 145 photos of Keith Allen in Jason's Closet!

Keith Allen

I spotted Keith Allen one hot Florida night, as he was doing lights in the DJ booth at a club in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida. He looked so young and innocent, I wondered if he was even legally allowed to be in the club, much less work at one. As it turns out, he was "barely legal," having just turned 18 and I proceeded to make him my "project" for the week I was visiting family. I took him out for dinner and quickly began breaking down his "good little boy" barriers. As we started messing around, I found that he'd never had cum on his face and never had his ass eaten. By the end of the week, he was on all fours, begging for more of both and has since credited me as the boy who corrupted him and broke his shell. After all, my name does mean: The Healing One! The night before I left Florida, I talked Keith into taking some nude photos for "Jason's Discoveries." Everyone responded, wanting to book the boy, from Freshmen magazine to award-winning crossover director, Wash West. Unfortuntaely, for the time being, Keith remains in Sarasota, Florida, but hopes to someday soon make it out here to become an active part of the L.A. porn scene. Until then, he remains exclusive to JasonCurious.com!

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