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Cock: 12"
6' 2"
hair: brown
eyes: brown
hometown: Los Angeles


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Ken Rykerphoto

Ken Ryker began his "male modeling" career with Jim French at Colt Studios under the name, Bill Flagstaff. Some of Ken's finest photos came from French's camera. When Ken realized that there was more money to be made if he did full XXX gay movies, he turned to Falcon Studios and an exclusive contract to launch his gay superstar career. Chi Chi LaRue's Jocks/Falcon movie, "New Pledgemaster," was Ken's "kick-off" in the XXX business. Ryker rose quickly to an elite status and Falcon used him to star in "Big River," "The Back Room," "Other Side of Aspen IV" and, finally, the multi-award winning, "The Renegade." Within one month after his Falcon contract had expired (after completing the filming of "Renegade"), Ken got the lead role in VCA's, "Matinee Idol" (which Ryan Idol had deserted 6 weeks prior). In fact, VCA wanted Ryker to star in 2 more films immediately after "Matinee Idol," but David Forest (who had taken over Ken's management during the last 6 months of his Falcon contract) and Ryker didn't want to "burn out" Ken's career in the gay XXX world so quickly. That proved to be a very wise decision. In the fall of 1996, prior to Forest having to leave the business for his prison term, Ryker was offered an enormous fee to star in an All Worlds movie for Chi Chi LaRue. When Falcon Studios got wind of the deal, unfortunately, LaRue was told that she could NOT work for Falcon AND star their former exclusive (Ryker) in a movie for All Worlds, especially NOT at the price that Ryker was going to be paid. Ryker ended up leaving the business for a while (when Forest left for prison), but returned in 1998 for Men of Odyssey's, "Ryker's Revenge" followed the next year by Odyssey's award winning bi-sexual film, "Mass Appeal." These days his gay adult film career is on full-throtle with David Forest back at the wheel and Ryker is even making progress into the straight adult film world that few other gay pornsters have yet to achieve.

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