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Cock: 9"
Height: 5' 10"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 6/4
Home Town: Baltimore, MD



* There's 3 hours of video and 128 photos of Kurt Lockwood in Jason's Closet!

Kurt Lockwood photo

As of August 2003, Kurt Lockwood is the "straight porn stud" du jour for most of the industry. He's still relatively new, still excited to do each scene, still like a kid in a candy store who has more pussy than he knows what to do with! He's a graduate from University of Maryland, with a B.A. in Theatre and a minor in English. Before churning out hot sex scenes for a leaving, the boy toured with a punk rock band and landed a few mainstream gigs, serving as a VJ for MTV and being featured in the screwball Steve Martin comedy, "Mixed Nuts." Speaking of Kurt's nuts, to many jizz biz women's dismay, however, Lockwood is currently "locked down" by pornstress Ava Vincent. The upside to this news is: Anyone who is good enough to live with Vincent must be one hell of a fuck. Lockwood adds a nice edge to his scenes - smacking, spitting, and choking but just a tease of it, just enough to get the girl off without hurting her, and just enough to keep him starring in couples movies. Lockwood is also quickly gaining a large gay fan following, something that is sure to grow now that he is starring in the straight XXX parody of "Will & Grace." Personally, some of us don't care what we watch you fuck, Kurt - so long as you keep doing it the way you do!

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"The Wanker Show: Guest Kurt Lockwood" - (120 mins.)
"Celebrity Uncensored: Behind the Scenes of 'Bill & Stace'" - 8/19/04 (30 mins.)
"Adult Undercover: Ginger's Last Dance" - 12/8/03 (30 mins.)

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