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Cock: 7 1/2"
Height: 5' 10"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
DOB: March 1980
Home Town: Denton, TX


* There's 30 minutes of video and 96 photos of Mark Dalton inside Jason's Closet!

Mark Dalton

Mark Dalton is one of those stars whose label has gone beyond that of "gay porn star" or even "adult super star." Mark Dalton has become a sex icon in the adult genre and one of the biggest phenomenons we've seen in years. His image on video box and magazine covers sold more than any other throghout 2003 and the most amazing thing of it all is that he hasn't even had sex on camera yet! Dalton, who has profesed to having many girlfriends but remains curious about the gay side of his sexuality, is a master at the art of being a tease through his solo video performances and layouts. Dalton wrapped up his contract this past year as an exclusive to Pacific Sun Entertainment and now he's free to work for whomever he chooses. Does he intend to ever perform full-on hardcore sex scenes in the future? Our sources say probably. But it won't be anytime soon. Like any good businessman, Mark Dalton, now twenty-three years of age, is going to milk this industry for all it is worth!

Mark Dalton in Jason's NEWS DESK:
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Mark Dalton on JC TV:
"Celebrity Uncensored: A Weekend with Mark Dalton" - 1/18/04 (30 mins.)


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