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Cock: 7"
6' 0"
hair: brown
eyes: brown
hometown: Los Angeles, CA

* There are 5 photos of Matt Bradshaw inside Jason's Closet!

Matt Bradshaw photo

Though indisputably a powerful presence in the world of gay porn, I've personally only met Matt Bradshaw a couple of times. His masculine exterior and debonair aura are of fierce contrast to his flamboyant persona and eminent humor. On the set of "Goosed 3: A Bisexual Love Affair," he served as the official class clown. He was a master at breaking any nervous sexual tension between performers by cracking hilarious jokes and making damned sure that he was the center of attention both on and off camera. While it may be difficult to find him on the Internet these days, Matt has definitely made his mark on film, starring in more movies per year than some performers garner in a lifetime. Most recently, Matt has led the way in MSR's controversial prison flick "At Large," as well as "Sex in the City," a gay porn spoof of the hit sitcom.

Matt Bradshaw in THE VOYEUR'S LOG:
"Goosed 3: A Bisexual Love Affair" - 5/1/01 (5 photos)


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