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COCK: 8"
Height: 6' 5"
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Blue
DOB: 1/12
Home Town: Midwest



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Maxx Dieselphoto

Falcon exclusive Maxx Diesel is one of the few porn stars who, even after six years in the business, I get tongue-tied around and find myself drooling all over. With an intimidating 6' 5" frame and the A&F picture perfect masculinity, Maxx is one of Falcon's highest commodities at the moment, starring in such films as "Addiction" and "Getting It Straight." Diesel has told me that he enjoys what he does when Falcon flies him to San Francisco to shoot these gays sex flicks, but back home in the Midwest no one knows about his "other job." Ironically enough, he is a high school football coach, much like the character he plays in Falcon's "Quarterback Sack," which makes for one helliuva tabboo fantasy in art imitating life! So for the sake of Diesel's privacy, we'll leave his home town listing at simply "midwest." These days Maxx Diesel has experimented with bottoming and thankfully it is on camera! He's more than one of the hottest porn studs I've ever met, he's one of the hottest men... period.

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"Adult Undercover: Jason's Wild Weekend in Vegas" - 1/7/04 (30 mins.)

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