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Cock: 9"
6' 2"
hair: brown
eyes: brown
hometown: Chicago, IL



*There's 75 photos of Nick Manning in Jason's Closet!

Nick Manning photo

The studly Nick Manning was born in Chicago in 1973 and resided there through his college years at Illinois Benedictine University. He has degrees in International Business and Economics and even went on to grad school at Loyola University in Chicago to achieve a masters in Human Resource Management. Soon after, little Nicky stepped out into the big world and became a runway model as his surprising turn at modeling took him to New York, Milan, Paris, London, Johannesburg, and Captown with ad campagins for Nautica, Versace, Armani, and Hugo Boss. It wasn't long before Nick Manning's lusty image had been published in every major fitness magazine as well as over 100 national network commercials. He went on to star in several independent films, television shows, and feature films which lead him back to New York, Miami, and eventually Los Angeles, where he currently lives with off and on flame Shay Sights. Now, you may ask: "What the hell is a guy with these kind of experiences and education doing shooting porn?" But Nick Manning claims that the answer is painfully simple. "I really like sex!" he laughs. "And I'm REALLY, REALLY good at it!! So, It's not very hard to understand why I finally settled on this career. After all, everyone finds me irresistible!" ... Oh, is that so? Well, yeah it probably is.

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