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Cock: 8x6
Height: 5' 11"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 10/6
Home Town: Boston, MA


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Owen Hawk

Owen Hawk claims he's wanted to be a porn star since I first knew what porn was. "It was always my fantasy to have people watch me fuck and to record it on tape. The whole process of posing nude and fucking in front of cameras has always turned me on," says the super cocked stud. His first movie, "Manplay 8," immediately put him on the map with his rough house, down and dirty style of fucking. A native Bostonian by birth, Owen grew up very near to Fenway Park and has been a huge Red Sox fan ever since he was a kid. Owen went to college in Washington D.C. and receive a degree in English, his favorite authors and poets being Toni Morrison, Michel Foucalt, Gabril Garcia-Maquez, John Rechy, Alice Munro, T.S. Elliot and Emily Dickinson! From porn star to porn producer, Owen Hawk recently launched his own company, Dark Alley Media.

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