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Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
DOB: 8/14
Home Town: St. Louis, MS



*There's 1 hour and 30 mins. of video and 110 photos of Renee LaRue inside Jason's Closet!

Renee LaRuephoto

Renee LaRue is a saucy, sexy redhead who hails from St. Louis, Missouri. The former mild-mannered bookkeeper has made some big changes in her life since the late 90's. She began her foray into adult entertainment by dancing part time to help finance her education in computer studies, until she decided to put those technical skills to good use by doing some research about the adult industry on the Internet. She soon found herself on the way to L.A. to make her first XXX feature. Cuddly and curvaceous, Renee has sparkling eyes that change color with her moods and a smile that a cherub would envy. She can be playful or seductive depending on what her scenes require, and she is always enthusiastic and cheerful. She says she really loves the erotic biz, especially the people, and the energy of the atmosphere on set. The only thing she doesn't care for are those long, long hours when she's shooting. Renee is a hockey fanatic, and a rabid St. Louis Blues fan, attending every game she can. She also enjoys dancing, and values her quiet at-home time as well. She confesses to being a junkie for pizza and chocolate, although you sure couldn't guess from her fantastic figure. Her taste in music is "anything but country" with a slight preference for rock and blues. Her secret dream is to visit Switzerland, providing she can find someone to take very good care of her two Himalayan cats while she travels. Renee recently started her own production company, Dragonfly Pictures, with her best bud Shay Sights and they hope to create a marriage of both hardcore porn and sexual/spiritual enlightenment with their products.

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