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Cock: 8 1/2"
5' 11"
hair: brown
eyes: brown
dob: December, 1980
hometown: West Hollywood, CA



* There's 2 hours and 30 mins. of video and 136 photos of Trent Austin inside Jason's Closet!

Trent Austin photo

I know what you're thinking. "The face is so familiar, but I can't place the name." If Trent Austin seems a familiar face (or other various body parts) to you, it could very well be that you have either slept with him or know him as Dia, a name he used in his early days when he was just surfacing as a magazine model. Today, Trent Austin is among the higher rankings of gay porn's "twink club" as he continues to churn out exemplary performances at a rapid-fire pace. A true sweetheart in real life and relentless flirt, Austin is a huge fan of movies, fashion, and Broadway musicals. When he's not seducing his fans in front of the cameras, he can be found dancing the night away at clubs with friends in West Hollywood, California.

Trent Austin in Jason's NEWS DESK:
Thursday, September 16th, 2004 (1 photo)
Thursday, August 26th, 2004 (8 photos)
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004 (4 photos)

Trent Austin in JASON'S DIARY:
Thursday, June 27th, 2002

Trent Austin in Jason's NAUGHTY GALLERIES:
"Trent Takes It Off!" - 12/13/04 (100 photos)

Trent Austin in THE VOYEUR'S LOG:
"Brad's Buddies - Day 2 & 3" - 6/26/02 (23 photos)

Trent Austin on JC TV:
"JC TV Live: Trent Takes It Off!" - 12/13/04 (60 mins.)
"The Young & the Curious: Kaylynn & Trent Austin" - 9/10/04 (60 mins.)
"Celebrity Uncensored: More Behind 'Brad'$ Buddie$'" - 6/26/02 (30 mins.)





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