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Cock Size: 8"
5' 11"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Home Town: Ft. Lauderdale, FL


* There's 30 minutes of video and 123 photos of Troy Halston inside Jason's Closet!

Troy Halston photo

Troy Halston has acquired a legion of gay porn fans to his name, ever since his early appearances in XXX films. (Remember when he went down on Julian in "Fly Bi Night"?) These days, however, Troy enjoys exploring the "straighter" side of life with his wife, Holly Halston. As one of the few "crossover" stars of the adult genre, Troy has been able to enjoy lucrative careers on both ends of the adult entertainment world. The open-mindedness he and his wife, Holly, portray in their on-screen romps should be an inspiration to their many fans across the globe, as they go from gay to straight to bisexual with no qualms in between. And if you think Troy's cock is amazing, wait till you see the pictures of his spread ass I caught a peek of on the set of "Mass Appeal 2." Whew! You'll be masturbating for days.

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Thursday, September 19th, 2002 (1 photo)

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Troy Halston on JCTV:
"Celebrity Uncensored: Couples Swapping with the Halstons" - 10/30/03 (30 mins.)
"Adult Undercover: The 2003 AVN Expo and Awards Show - 1/11/03 (30 mins.)





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