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February 05 , 2002
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"If my wife didn't have three holes, I'd be celibate when we're not shooting."

    - Voodoo on making love to his wife Nicole Sheridan off-camera.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, February 5th, 2002


Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo took to KSEXRadio.com's "Tales of Tail" yesterday evening to dish on their recent AVN Award win, their upcoming appearance on Playboy TV's "Night Calls 411," and their ultimate plan for world domination.

(BURBANK, CA) -- On-screen sex partners and real-life couple Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo served as special guests on KSEX Radio's "Tales of Tail with Jacklyn Lick" last night for the show's return of JasonCurious Mondays. Jason Sechrest will co-host the show each Monday in February and bring with him friends like Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo who are featured prominently on his popular site, JasonCurious.com. It wasn't long after the show started that this dynamic duo had proclaimed themselves "the hottest couple in porn" touting their 2002 AVN Award (http://www.avn.com) for Best Anal Sex Scene - Film. That particular talent is showcased on JasonCurious.com in an exclusive photo gallery and full report featuring the two in a threesome with Monica Mayhem from the set of Adam & Eve's (http://www.adameve.com) "Naked Hollywood: Episode 9."

Hostess Jacklyn Lick (http://www.jacklynlick.com) introduces Nicole Sheridan as having worked with her on the mainstream television game show "Strip Poker." But the two lost the game. "Yes!" exclaims the blonde bombshell. "It was so weird because we all went on this game show as 'actors' doing a mainstream gig and had no idea that it was going to be played with a bunch of porn stars. We all got there and were like, 'Don't I know you from some place?' ... But the boys won the game. Actually, I think it was Dale Dabone who won the game, didn't he?"

Sechrest's ears perk up at the mention of Dale Dabone, though probably not for the reason you may be thinking. Sechrest chimes in with a bit of breaking news. "You know, I wasn't even going to mention this, but because you brought up his name, I've got a bit of an exclusive for the show on our very own Mr. Dabone," starts Sechrest. KSEX Radio producer/personality Wankus cues the announcement music and Sechrest continues: "I received an email from Dale this morning, telling me that he had actually decided to quit the business -- quite possibly for good. I wrote him back to ask if this was just something he was considering or something he'd actually decided upon and he said no, that it was something he had definitely decided upon. He's going to give JasonCurious.com a final interview in the coming weeks. We may not have seen the last of him, but for now he's just anxious to pursue some other options."

"Wow!" Lick says in total shock. "Maybe he'll try to further his career in strip poker because he was so good at it."

"Well clearly," Sechrest adds, "I think he'd be a fool not to. It's apparent from his guest spot on 'Strip Poker' that he has had some serious training in the game and for him to not pursue that would just be wrong."

It's about this time that Voodoo grabs the mike. "So let's talk about the AVN Awards. Did I mention we won?" he asks with as little modesty as possible, causing fits of laughter throughout the studio. "No, seriously though," he continued, "it's different because we are known as a couple within this industry and therefore people assume that we'll do just couples-friendly scenes, but the truth is that we won the nastiest AVN award that there is. I think that really sets us apart from the rest. We're showing that yes, we are a couple in a loving relationship, but it's cool to get wild and crazy and nasty too. Our next goal is to win Best Couple's Sex Scene so we can prove that we are the best of both worlds. ... And world domination, too! That's our ultimate goal, really. To make everyone in the world into our sex slaves."

Nicole wipes tears from her eyes from laughing so hard before informing KSEX Radio's 6,000-some listeners that if they are interested in seeing the two get "wild and crazy and nasty too" they should tune into Playboy TV (http://www.playboytv.com) next week for the Valentine's Day special of the hit show "Night Calls 411," hosted by crowned princess of porn Tera Patrick (http://www.terapatrick.com). "We're going to be doing fun things with chocolate!" she laughs giddily. Voodoo confirms, "Yes, anyone who wants to see me lick chocolate off of my wife's tits and off of her pussy should definitely tune into the show."

Jacklyn then probes into the personal life of the two sex stars, asking what a typical day is like for them. "Well, we just got a new puppy, a pit bull named Atilla and he's taking up a lot of our time," explained Nicole, "but usually we start our day off like any normal couple. We have breakfast and Voodoo is actually the master breakfast chef so he does that for me. ... This morning though he was all about fucking my thighs in the shower though," she says, looking in his direction.

"Yes and you know, it's a good thing my wife has three holes because otherwise I'd be celibate when we're not shooting," laughs Voodoo. "After shooting as much as we do, she can just get sore sometimes, so I came up with this way to still fuck her. What you do is you get in the shower, lube yourself up with a little lotion, have her cross her legs real tight and fuck her thighs. It's just like you're fucking her pussy!"

Nicole adds for the ladies listening, "And his dick will actually hit my clit too while he's doing it so you can still get off," Nicole confirms.

"Just when you thought everything had been done," says Voodoo, "we're still coming up with new ways to have sex!"

Sechrest mentions he's "wet" at the mere thought of the two in the shower together, to which Nicole replies, "You know, we're still building that cage for you under the stairs, Jason. And when the pit bull is old enough he's going to guard it so we can just keep you in there as our personal sex slave forever."

As the show wrapped with Jacklyn reciting her nightly erotic story, Sechrest proceeded to take Nicole's top off and fondle her tits while she reached over him to rub her beau's cock through his jeans. By the time Jacklyn's characters had gotten their rocks off in the story, her guests had nearly gotten theirs as well!

The show will be re-aired at 4:00 am and 11:00 am (PDT) this morning on KSEXRadio.com. You can also catch highlights from the show on video in the JC TV section of JasonCurious.com coming soon. Each Monday night, Jason Sechrest is featured on "Tales of Tail" as a reoccuring guest, bringing with him adult film friends featured on his groundbreaking and innovative web site, JasonCurious.com. Next Monday night, February 11th, Lick and Sechrest will be joined by Wicked Pictures contract star turned director, Devinn Lane.


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