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March 26 , 2002

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"Once you know what women are like, men get kind of boring."

    - Rita Mae Browns take on the sexes. Enough said?

Nicole Sheridan Proves HIV Rumors to be False; Christian Owen's Yahoo! Group Now Open; Adult's Most Famous to Star in "No Man's Land -- Legends"; Billy Brandt "Hooks Up" with Keri Windsor.


NICOLE SHERIDAN PROVES HIV RUMORS TO BE FALSE: Our fearless leaders over at AVN.com broke this story late last evening after receiving an email sent to many members of the adult community, claiming that Nicole Sheridan had tested HIV+ by AIM HealthCare. Upon checking with AIM, the email was found to be a fraud, as Sheridans last test, dating February 18th, 2002, cites her as negative and completely clean of all other STDs. While Sheridan cant imagine someone would be so vicious, she does have some idea of who the culprit may be, although she disclosed nothing to AVN.

"I dont even work with other guys except my husband, except in three-ways and thats always condom," Sheridan told AVN.coms Tod Hunter. (You know when theyve got Tod on your story, its a headliner.) "This is crazy. Ive been so lucky in this industry, the only thing Ive ever had was Chlamydia and I only had it one time." The award-winning performer says she plans to take legal action, should she find proof of who started the rumor, and went on to say that she will also sue anyone who passes the rumor along.


CHRISTIAN OWENS YAHOO! GROUP NOW OPEN: Check out the Yahoo! news and information groups for the latest from the hottest twink porn sensation on the scene and my good friend, Christian Owen. The super star opened the Yahoo! group as a way to keep in touch with his fans and to spread the word on his latest projects. Here fans can also trade photos of the boy wonder in all his naked glory. Definitely worth checking out, dont you think?



ADULTS MOST FAMOUS TO STAR IN "NO MANS LAND LEGENDS": Irrepressible publicist Scott Stein passes this bit of news along from Video Team. The companys latest installment in the No Mans Land series is set to be a special one indeed, featuring some of the biggest names in adult cinema history. No Mans Land Legends is slated to shoot this week and will star Amber Lynn, Teri Weigel, Nina Hartley, Porsche Lynn, Jeanna Fine, Asia Carrera, Kim Chambers, Jeannie Pepper, and Sharon Kane. Talk about your all-star casts!

Video Team President, Christian Mann, who is the driving force behind the Legends project, made this statement in yesterdays press release: "Weve had a tremendous amount of interest in this project. Theres an active cadre of dedicated fans who want star driven porn, who long to see their favorite stars regroup for a lesbian sex-star reunion. The women weve gathered are not only stellar in terms of popularity; theyre also ultra-hot performers who are intent on delivering a scorcher and showing the newbies how its done. Consider it a payback for the true fans of these women."


BILLY BRANDT "HOOKS UP" WITH KERI WINDSOR: For those of you who missed out on last nights live broadcast, youll definitely want to tune into KSEX Radio this morning at 11:00 am for the rebroadcast of gay porn sensation Billy Brandt and super star Keri Windsors stint on Tales of Tail with Jacklyn Lick. I did my usual Monday night co-hosting and brought the two stars with me to hook them up on a date. The date will be paid for and shot on camera, courtesy JasonCurious.com, for an episode of Celebrity Uncensored in the JC TV section of our site. The two singles will then return to the KSEX couch next Monday night, on April Fools Day, to dish all the dirty details on their date. Only then well see if they want to go at it a second time or if one of them has had a "change of heart."


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