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August 1 , 2002

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"Dont make a meal out of it."

- One of director Jim Wynorskis favorite phrases. All his actors are a little tired of hearing it.


Sin City Under Fire; Billy Brandt to Make "Top" Notch Return; Jenna Jameson on FOX TV's "The Pulse" Tonight; Chi Chi Meets Matthias.


SIN CITY UNDER FIRE: The industry remains a buzz with theories on what will happen to Sin City Entertainment, the straight XXX company currently in turmoil over who owns what portion of the companys assets! Sin City spokespeople and directors have been tight-lipped on the dispute up to this point, but industry columnists have been anything but with everyone from Luke Ford to Gene Ross covering the story.

According to sources, Sin City head David Sturman believes that his partner, Ari Ovidia, was stealing from the company by duplicating extra product and selling it without accounting for it. Sturman is said to have fired Ovidia at which point, Ovidia changed the locks on the doors of various Sin City facilities, in an attempt to maintain control of some of the company's assets.

Those sources also told AVN.com that on Friday, July 26 when Sin City employees, including the company's head of production Scott Justice, attempted to stop Ovidia from removing property belonging to Sturman from Sin Citys Deering Avenue facility, Ovidia called police, claiming to have been assaulted. Sources say no assault occurred, however. Witnesses viewed police cars outside the Deering Avenue facility that day, while other sources have confirmed that police were at the building on at least two prior occasions.

Los Angeles police told AVN.com that officers who went to the Deering Avenue location on Friday took a report in which Ovidia claimed he had been assaulted, but as of today, no arrests have been made.


BILLY BRANDT TO MAKE "TOP" NOTCH RETURN: You can bet your ass Ive been keeping a close eye on Billy Brandt over the past few weeks as we prepare for his appearance on "JC TV Live" this coming Monday. The appearance will mark Brandts return to the world of gay porn after his brief hiatus, more over a much needed rest from the spotlight. While Brandt does intend to fully return to the scene, hes in no rush to shoot his next movie, holding out for an offer that will make both he and personal manager David Forest very happy. One things for certain: He wont be bottoming anytime soon. The stud says that if the break has taught him anything, its to do only what hes most comfortable with. These days, hes feeling more dominant than submissive, which should make for a hard-hitting "top" notch return! & Of course, if youre just dying to see his ass get plowed, you can always get the DVD release of No Way Out from Falcon Studios, which features the only known footage of Brandts bottoming to date.


JENNA JAMESON ON FOX TVS "THE PULSE" TONIGHT: The woman who put the word "star" in porn star, Jenna Jameson, will appear on FOX Televisions The Pulse tonight for a debate with right winger Bill OReilly. The segment was shot last week and is said to showcase Jennas brains as much as it exploits her beauty. The Pulse airs at 9:00 pm (ET/PT).

Jamesons will also be the subject of Fox Magazine on the Fox News Channel this Sunday, August 4th. The station followed her from home to work for nearly 48 hours for this "day in the life" piece.


CHI CHI MEETS MATTHIAS: Remember late last year when I introduced you to Playgirls "Real Man" Matthias? It seems the stud I saw such potential in nearly half a year ago is planning to make the splash I predicted. As fate would have it, Matthias recently met up with director Chi Chi LaRue, and although he has no interest in doing hardcore pornography, hes very interested in starting his own line of softcore entertainment. A gay version of Red Shoe Diaries comes to mind. Is Chi Chi intrigued? Lets hope so!


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