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October 9, 2001
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"He must have a really small penis or something

because no man is that perfect."

- Madonna dishing on a then relatively unknown Antonio Banderas

in the 1990 documentary "Truth or Dare."

Tight End & Fire Jock: Zachery Scott , Tina Tyler: One Classy Lady, Naked Hollywood, Serenity "Fakes" It


TIGHT END & FIRE JOCK: ZACHERY SCOTT: Just when I thought Id never get over my obsession for Jeff White (whom I still havent met, by the way), I find this stud at my post office box last week. Zachery Scott has apparently been around since 1999, though until I received two videos in the mail last week featuring little boy buff, Id never heard of him. DO NOT let this happen to you! I cannot be held responsible for your loss. You need to get your dirty mitts on a copy of Centaur Films latest Tight Ends & Wide Receivers 2, as well as a scorcher from Pacific Sun Entertainment called Boxers, Briefs, & Firemens Jocks.

In Tight Ends 2, a film directed by and starring the ever-ambitious Chip Daniels, weve got a bevy of gay boys trying to look straight (ok, some arent trying all that hard) in jerseys, helmets, and whatever the hell else it is that football players wear. As Coach Daniels tries leading his team to an ultimate victory, we get to see the wild sex that ensues off the field. Its a cute movie with some cute boys, but Zachery Scott steals the show in the final scene where four of the players whip it out to compare whose dick is the biggest. True, its a trite concept, but its one that certainly hasnt tired on me just yet. Not only is Scott the most believable as a football jock, but the boy can even suck his own dick always a good quality in a football player, if you ask me. To watch him lick his cock with his fellow team members is worth the buy alone. Trust me! Meanwhile, PSEs Boxers, Briefs, & Firemans Jocks features Zach as a firefighter. What fire could the man possibly be expected to douse in this, another hot orgy scene opposite three well hung studs?

I did a little research (stalker alert!) and discovered Zach has his own home on the web at www.zacheryscott.com. Unfortunately, there are no naked pics of the dude as of yet, but thats all the more reason to go purchase the above-mentioned films. Whether hes fighting fires or playing the field, youre bound to be impressed.


TINATYLER: ONE CLASSY LADY: Had a nice phone chat yesterday with Tina Tyler who informs me that shell be performing at Bobs Classy Lady in Van Nuys, California this Thursday through Saturday. Shell strut her stuff all over the stage this Thursday from 10:00 pm to midnight, then on Friday for a 12:30 pm matinee with an 11:00 pm to 1:00 am show to follow, and finally on Saturday night from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am. Tyler, pornstress-cum-director, is currently in postproduction for Stable Entertainments highly anticipated forthcoming release, Goosed 3: A Bisexual Love Affair. (Check out on-set reports and behind-the-scenes photos from this soon to be classic in The Voyeurs Log.) Her next video shoot as performer and director will be Going Down, an epic of elevator sexcapades, for new company Pandora Cinema. Tyler describes it as "a straight video with a couple of bisexual undertones" including a girl/girl sex scene and a grand finale in which Tyler gets off on watching two boys jerk each other off. The cast is a roster of phenomenal talents including the likes of Nina Hartley, Kylie Ireland, Sean Michaels. Going Down will shoot on October 23rd and I will be on hand to write a report and snap some shots for The Voyeurs Log.


"NAKED HOLLYWOOD": It seems like only yesterday that I was on the set with Keri Windsor and Jason McCain, shooting the first ever episode of Naked Hollywood. It was Keris first (and probably last) facial, as director Toni English took a more feminine approach in creating what would become the first scene of this new line from Adam & Eve, now airing as a series on The Playboy Channel.

Its easy to see why Playboy would pick it up as a series. Watching these four stars (Dee, Nina Hartley, Lauren Montgomery, and Windsor) portray well characterized working women in Hollywood, California who constantly dish stories to each other on the many men (and sometimes women) in their lives, one instantly thinks: Sex in the City. Only this time, its real sex& and a different city. Englishs script is witty and thought provoking, while perhaps most importantly executed as sexually stimulating. The opening sex scene featuring Keri and Jason is but a mere hint at what is to come. And if episode one of Naked Hollywood is a hint of what well be seeing from the series in the future, move over HBO. Adam & Eve is giving us something more.



SERENITY "FAKES" IT: While Serenity may be best known for taking it all off in Wicked films like the most recent Jack & Jill (see on-set report and behind-the-scenes photos in The Voyeurs Log), the contract vixen made headlines yesterday for keeping her clothes on. It seems Serenity is now a spokesmodel for PETA, doning fake snakeskin chaps and pleather corsets at the organizations new site PleatherYourself.com. "Dead animal skins make a person look cold," said Serenity in yesterdays statement to the press. "With todays hot, stylish synthetics, its easy to pleather yourself."


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