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October 14, 2002



Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #1

ďMy First VoiceĒ

Well, I suppose I should introduce myself since Iím still relatively new to this whole gay porn thing. Iím Rhett OíHara, Iím 22 years old, Iím a gay porn star, and it looks like I will be writing to you all on a monthly basis here exclusively at JasonCurious.com. Youíll also get a gallery of new photos every month so if you have any ideas for photo shoots, email them to Jason at [email protected], who also happens to be my publicist for any of you wanting to book interviews or promo stuff with me. But enough about that, I thought I would tell you a little about myself.

Iím currently living in West Hollywood. I like to think of myself as a good looking guy, but most of the time Iím a little too modest for myself. The reason why is just like anybody else, I guess. I push to be better! But anyhoo, Iím glad to have this opportunity to write about some things that have been going on in my life, so to make it simple Iím going to tell you about a movie I did recently and a couple of other things in small detail. So let my voice be heard a little! Love to all and thank you for your time!

I recently did a movie with Studio 2000 called ďAceís Place.Ē It all began in early September. I ended up meeting with the owner of the company, Bill Sheffler, for dinner at The French Market, out on the patio, in West Hollywood. It was fabulous! We talked about the plans of the movie, the role I was going to be playing, which was the maintenance man, and he told me a little bit about the guy I was going to be working with. Unfortunately, when I had last talked to him, they had not yet come up with his porn name because he was new to the business Ė but I can tell you that if you saw Duke Miller in ďStraight Bodybuilders Do,Ē thatís pretty much what he looks like. He has brown hair, he was probably 230 pounds, not very defined but definitely a muscular guy.

Anyway, after dinner and talk, Bill and I headed out to the set in Palm Springs. I met the director, Doug Jeffries, that evening on the set and he told me more about my role and the dialogue that was involved. I like the acting part of this business! It gives it a little bit of a plot, but not too much of one to where itís a nuisance.

We checked into the hotel, a gay-only nude resort Ė we mustíve had about 15 rooms there! And then they showed me the area where we were going to be doing my scene. It was a porch where hanging from the rafters was a sling. Jokingly I said, ďWhat? It doesnít have a swivel on it so I can spin the guy?Ē You know me, Iíve always got to have that one over the top. Right off the bat, I was asking for more!

My scene wasnít until later the next day so I didnít have to get up until around 10:00 am. As soon as I was up, I was introduced to my scene partner. We got to know each other a little bit by having lunch and shooting some pool at a club called Hunters, near the resort. Turns out heís really excited about being in the biz and was pretty excited about working with me. Heís a Florida boy, so of course he was cute. I asked him some questions, making sure there werenít certain things he couldnít deal with. Everyone has their own issues! Some people just donít like being called bitch or being fucked too hard so Iíve learned to ask beforehand. Then we walked back to the hotel and we both opted not to eat dinner until after the scene, of course. We gay porn stars are always worried about looking too bloated on camera from craft services!

I changed into my outfit Ė a new all-leather get-up I bought. Chaps, a draw string jock strap up the front, a leather vest, and an arm band Ė all of which I wear in the scene, and yes, it was a little hot. Palm Springs! Ugh. But when all was said and done, with that leather on, it just sort of changed my personality to fit the role I was playing. I started to feel much more dominant than ever in my personal life.

At first I made him suck my dick and then we go into him eating my ass out. I ate his too and then fucked him with him bent over the sling first, and then with him in the sling with the stirrups. I was really pounding away, harder than Iíve done in any scene yet. I was very verbal in the scene, very dominating. ďYou like this big cock up your ass? You say sir to me when you say that, bitch!Ē I think itís my hottest performance ever. I canít wait to see what it looks like.

Honestly, Iím not usually that dominant in my personal life, but I swear to God, even Doug Jeffries walked away saying that was exactly the kind of hardcore fucking he was looking for. He was a great director, too. He made it really easy for me. I look forward to working with him again in future projects.

Since then, Iíve been laying low, for the most part consumed by all of the hate crime rallies in the area where Iím living. Itís been something Iíve been out on the front line of since the beginning. Iíve been screaming, shouting, and trying to make this a human rights issue because what happened was just wrong. I have to urge everyone in the West Hollywood area to go out to these rallies and support the community. Iíve been there almost every night. In fact, I even ended up on the news twice! Once I was holding a banner saying NO HATE and the other time I was actually chosen to lay the wreath with the mayor of Los Angeles at the Matthew Sheppard Triangle. It has felt really great to give something back.

Well, thatís about it for this go around! For those of you reading this on Monday, donít forget to check out my live chat and jack-off show tonight on ďJC TV LiveĒ from 8:00 pm Ė 9:00 pm (PT). Stop in the chat room and let me know what you thought of the column! Until next timeÖ



Rhett OíHara is represented by David Forest.

For more on Rhett OíHara, visit www.forestmen.com.

Rhett will appear with Luke Pearson on LIVEandRAW this Thurs., Oct. 17, from 6-9pm PDT / 9pm-12mid EDT.Check out our live feeds section!

Rhett will appear at Cupids on Dec. 31 in West Palm Beach, FL.


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