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November 5, 2002

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, November 4th, 2002


Wicked Pictures performer/producer/director, Devinn Lane, along with gay XXX star, Jack Ryan, and KSEXradio host, Jason Sechrest, were featured on CBS News last Friday night, as the station covered the live broadcast of "The Young & the Curious."

(BURBANK, CA) -- CBS News visited KSEXradio last Friday night to catch host Jason Sechrest's live interview with Wicked Pictures exclusive performer/producer/director, Devinn Lane, on "The Young & the Curious." The story was then aired later that evening on the local station's 11:00 news broadcast.

"You don't realize how dirty you are until CBS in standing right in front of you," said the show's host, Sechrest, in a statement Monday morning. "It's like everything that came out of our mouths was just so inappropriate for mainstream television. I just kept thinking, 'They hate this. They hate this. They hate this.' ... But when we wrapped the show, the reporter and crew actually stood and applauded! They felt that the show was incredibly witty and well formatted. It was an honor to receive such praise and coverage from a media outlet of their caliber."

With the valley's recent attempts to separate itself from Greater Los Angeles County, CBS News was out to cover the adult entertainment industry's views on the subject, as the valley is known as the "porn capitol" of the world. After shooting footage of the "The Young & the Curious," which also featured gay adult video actor, Jack Ryan [ http://www.mrjackryan.com ], the station used KSEXradio's facilities to interview Devinn Lane for their story.

"The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest" is a 100% free, listener-interactive, globally broadcasted Internet radio program, complete with chat room! While the audio portion of radio show is accessible to anyone, there's also a hot web cam available only to KSEXradio.com members where they can watch the guests in-studio live as they listen to the show. "The Young & the Curious" is the first show on the adult-themed Internet radio market to cover all angles of the adult entertainment world, encompassing straight, gay, and all the "curiousness" in-between. The show goes live every Friday night at 6:00 pm (PDT) and is the replayed every six hours throughout the weekend. Behind-the-scenes video footage and show highlights are available at Sechrest's web site, JasonCurious.com.

Next week's episode of "The Young & the Curious" will feature Houston, Stonie, and monthly co-host, Sam Phillips.


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