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December 3 , 2002



“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.”

- Sound advice from Indira Gandhi.

Tom Katt's Career Climax; Kody Leaves Vivid for Red Lobster; Details Covers "Gay For Pay"; Kyle Kennedy Checks Into Live & Raw Hotel.


TOM KATT’S CAREER CLIMAX: Gay porn legend, Tom Katt, has had a year like none other! After nearly winning a California-based body building competition, he strutted his hard stuff for a highly publicized supporting role in his best pal Caesar’s hot new movie, Cowboy, from Big Blue Productions, before going onto star in what he describes as one of the most enjoyable movies of his career, Brad’$ Buddie$, from Forest Films, putting him opposite twink pair Scott Bradley and Trent Austin, where the combo was enough to make Miss Kitty eat some serious ass for the first time in history. Now comes word from Katt’s long-time manager/agent, David Forest, that the super stud will have a starring role in director Blue Blake’s final project of the year, a boxing epic entitled, Lord of the Ring. The movie is set to begin shooting on December 9th in Los Angeles, California, and while the movie serves as a starring vehicle for new Blue Blake exclusive, Nick Lord, I’m told Katt’s role an equal, serving as a true catalyst in this character-driven production.

Tom Katt will arrive on the set for Lord of the Ring less than 48 hours after stepping off the stage of the IronMan Bodybuilding Contest in Culver City, where he will have competed in the Lt. Heavyweight Division. Forest tells me Katt is looking to weigh in at 198 lbs. and will be in the best condition of this entire life.

Katt also has also been paired with Stonie for an Ultimate Body Worship video from BG Productions, and was recently photographed for the first time getting naked and naughty with Caesar, for a Spring 2003 issue of [2] magazine. He’ll also be featured in the March issue of Torso mag, due to hit newsstands late this month.

After eleven years in the jizz biz, Tom Katt must be one of the only true “legends” still standing. Not only does he remain an active figure within the industry, but he’s giving us the hottest performances of his career, as he reaches yet another all-time high.

Performer of the Year? I see a nomination in Tom Katt’s very near future.



KOBY LEAVES VIVID FOR RED LOBSTER: Wouldn’t you know, I stepped into my local Red Lobster the other day and saw none other than former Vivid contract starlet, Koby, working as part of the wait staff! After confirming with the host that it was indeed the pornstress herself, I had my spies do some research over at camp Vivid where they found that Koby remained with the company for little under two months. Same old story, really: Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. Girl walks away from Vivid contract for a job at the Red Lobster. Ok, so maybe it isn’t your typical love story, but who’s placing bets that Koby will be back in the saddle with Vivid any day now?



DETAILS REVEALS “GAY FOR PAY”: Pick up the December 2002 issue of Details magazine before it flies off the newsstands. If you can get past those hot photos of Justin Timberlake grabbing his member, you might just find your way to an even more revealing article, “Gay for Pay.” Details staff writer, Deanna Kizis, does a great job of capturing the sporadic energy and blatant confliction of performers like Jake Armstrong, who is featured prominently throughout the article.

Yes, I’m confirming! It’s definitely Jake Armstrong, despite the fact that his face is blurred from photos and he’s asked that they only use his first name. I was the only journalist permitted onto the otherwise "closed" set of Odyssey’s Mass Appeal 2 and can testify that the person in the article is definitely our Mr. Armstrong. Yup, this is the movie where he bottoms for the first time, and yes, it was done by none other than legendary super schlong, Ken Ryker.

Most interesting to me in the Details article is Jake's quote: “I got a lot more money because I've never bottomed, but it was really bad. It was a bi movie, so there was a girl in the room and I really felt like a fucking punk. And he was so huge.” ... If you'll read my on-set report in The Voyeur’s Log of this site (there’s a hot gallery of Ken fucking Jake too, in the Members section), you'll find that he said, immediately following the scene in question, “First it was bad and then it was good and then it was wow, really good! It felt so much better than I thought it would. I came so quickly!” This was not a quote that he gave directly to me, but to Sharon Kane on the set. I was in the same room, playing “fly on the wall,” and taking notes.

Anyway, love Jake! Love the article! Caesar was interviewed for the piece as well. Don’t walk – run to the newsstands for this one. If not for Justin, then for Jake.



KYLE KENNEDY CHECKS INTO LIVE & RAW HOTEL: I hear stud puppy, Kyle Kennedy, will be checking into Chi Chi LaRue’s Live & Raw Hotel on December 15th – which is appropriate, considering Kennedy is a LaRue exclusive via Rascal Video, her division of Channel 1. We should be seeing lots more of Kennedy in live, uncensored action as he takes to the city of West Hollywood like a whirling dervish of sexual activity. Log on, tune in, and get turned on!





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