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December 9 , 2002


News date: 2002-12-09

Digital Playground Responds to Tera Patrick Rumors:
Marriage or Not, Company Plans to Enforce Contract

LOS ANGELES - Whether or not Tera Patrick is married, Digital Playground plans to enforce what remains of the more than six years left on her contract, according to the company.

"Digital Playground, Inc. has a long term, exclusive agreement with Tera Patrick and fully intends to both preserve and enforce it," Samantha Lewis from Digital Playground told AVN.com.

"Tera and anyone speaking on her behalf should be mindful of the exclusive agreement in place and govern their conduct accordingly.

We intend to enforce our rights and hold others who may tortuously interfere with them accountable."

Referring to Patrick’s recent engagement to Evan Seinfeld of the rock band Biohazard , Lewis said she had no idea whether Patrick was married on her recent and ongoing European trip with Seinfeld. Other sources have told AVN.com that the couple, in fact, has not married yet.

"Tera Patrick has been a dream to work with for the last three years and we've been honored to have her in our line up," Lewis said. "After signing with Digital Playground, Tera's career skyrocketed. During her time with us we have provided her with every opportunity, protected her from harm, be it personal or business and afforded her every luxury. The time we invested managing and promoting her career is a reflection of not only our philosophies but also our belief in Tera Patrick.

"Three months ago Tera starting dating a new man and things began to shift," she continued. "In the typical ‘porn star meets guy who will be a better manager, better publicist and better director of her career’ story, it seems that some tales have been fabricated in an effort to release Tera from her existing contract."

AVN publisher Paul Fishbein denied rumors that Patrick was fired from her gig of hosting the upcoming AVN Awards.

"It’s true that we asked Tera to host the show and she announced it on the Howard Stern Show in November," Fishbein said.

"But she took off on a trip with her fiancé and it was clear that her schedule would not allow her to be in town for rehearsals.

"She called me from Europe the week before last to tell me she would be at the show, that she was buying a new dress for the occasion and she fully understood why she couldn’t host the show this year. There’s nothing more to it than that."

In fact, it was around the same time that AVN invited Chloe to host the show this year, along with comedian Doug Stanhope .

"I asked Tera about her marriage plans when she called," Fishbein said. "She told me they were planning it for next year. That’s all I know about that."

Ben Marco

Courtesy of AVN.Com




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