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THE GASM INTERVIEW APRIL 2001 "The Many Faces of Jason Sechrest" By GASM staff writer B.J. Dickson


Born November 26, 1979 in the small town of Columbus, Indiana, Jason Sechrest seemed destined for fame from the moment he stepped out of the womb. At only 16 years old, the self-described "deviant boy" became a staff writer for FemmeFatales, a mainstream magazine known for its racy pictorials and steamy interviews of sirens from both the B-movie and mainstream film worlds. It wasnt long before he turned legal and began broadening his horizons, writing for publications ranging from Entertainment Weekly to Club International. Youd think it was all a teenage boy could ask for, but Jason had a greater vision. Long before his lucrative position as a print journalist, he knew he was born to be an actor. So at the tender age of 18, only a day after he graduated high school, he packed his bags and headed to Los Angeles with little money and what he describes as "a poor excuse for a place to live." He didnt have to suffer long. The women hed been profiling via phone for the past two years instantly embraced him. Danni Ashe in particular took him under her wing as a staff writer and eventually a talent coordinator. The writing supported him as he continued to pursue his passion for acting. These days hes a reporter for AVN Live and has his own hit WebTV show "DV8 Boi LIVE", with his first lead in an independent film and mainstream television pilot debuting later this year. We caught up with what some might describe as the luckiest boy on Earth, just following his gig at the 2001 GayVN Awards.

ASM: So how did you coin the name DV8 Boi?
JS: Nikki Fritz! Shes a popular web model and actress who has been a dear friend of mine since I moved to L.A.; her company was originally called Reel DV8. I loved the name and asked her if I could use the "DV8" part when I got my first AOL account. She laughed and told me, "If anyone ever deserved to steal it from me, its you. You are so the DV8 boy." So obviously, DV8 is a play on the word "deviate" and boy spelled with an "i" is just a deviation from its normal spelling!

ASM: You seem to have developed a trend making friends with web models. What was it like working for Danni Ashe?
JS: The best college I could have ever put myself through. The business side of Dannis Hard Drive is surprisingly very corporate America and they truly pride themselves on that. It was also an incredible opportunity for me to hone my writing skills. I was working on model bios, a weekly gossip column, interviews, erotic stories - you name it, really! Plus, I've always had a thing for independent women so I fell for Danni from the moment I met her.

ASM: Were you ever sexually attracted to her and if so, was it difficult being sexually attracted to your boss?
JS: (long pause) You know what, who on Earth couldnt be attracted to Danni Ashe? Independence in a woman really turns me on. It definitely wasnt a difficulty in my working for her though. Lord knows, there were tons of people behind-the-scenes at Dannis Hard Drive who I was secretly attracted to& or sometimes not so secretly.

ASM: So what is your sexual orientation?
JS: Why? Whats yours? Are you interested? (laughs) Um, I think part of the reason why there is any sexism and homophobia at all in society is because we so often feel the need to label ourselves and others. Labels are for groceries, not for people. I like to think of myself as open minded in all aspects of my life, including my sexuality.

ASM: What was it like getting to work in the sex industry at such a young age?
JS: Are you kidding? Its been a blast! What better outlet for your raging hormones than to become a part of the sex genre? If anyones going to be in the porn world for a while, you might as well do it while youre at your peak.

ASM: You dont have sex on film though, correct?
JS: No. Nor do I intend to anytime soon. I dont think anyone can pay my rates.

ASM: Wow, is your penis that big?
JS: Ha! Well, thats not what I was referring to, but since you asked&

ASM: Okay, how big is it?
JS: It depends on who Im with. (laughs hysterically)

ASM: How about when youre with yourself?
JS: I can get myself off harder than anyone else, so when Im alone its usually about 8 _ inches.

ASM: What are your feelings on the Cambria Report?
JS: First of all, I dont think Im educated enough on it to make any sort of major statement, though I will say, first of all, that the industry has taken it a little too seriously, in my opinion. Is not a set of rules that anyone set in stone, nor do I think those rules will be set in stone anytime soon. Im glad were taking note of it and being cautious, but I was on the set of a Wicked shoot the other day and a guy wasnt allowed to pull a girls hair back when she was giving him a blowjob. Every scene had to be done so that the woman was in control and dominating the man. All of this because of the Cambria Report! I really do hope that G.W. finds something better to do with his time in office than make sex on film his first priority. One really shouldnt be allowed to make restrictions on issues of which they have no knowledge. I doubt he and the cabinet members are real educated on our little sex arena or sex in general for that matter.

ASM: What was it like doing the red carpet reporting for the GayVN Awards last Friday night?
JS: Interesting! I didn't know anyone when I showed up because Ive only been in that side of the genre for a small while, but by the time I left I had everyones phone number. (laughs) The highlight of the evening was simulating sex with Tuck Johnson during his press conference back stage. He was so incredibly nervous, I think he wouldve let me do just about whatever I wanted. Youve got to love a good submissive! Of course, RuPaul was another major moment in my evening.

ASM: Any significant other right now?
JS: Oh there are always lots of others; its just that none of them are all that significant.

ASM: Any immediate plans for the future?
JS: I have a monthly show on the Larry Flynt Digital operated web site Inches.com. My concept for the show was to take gay porn stars out of the studio and into the real world, interviewing them while shopping at Hustler Hollywood or having breakfast at IHOP. Because of the crazy locations weve been picking, hilarity ensues! I dont know how long the show will remain on Inches though. I own the rights to it and am considering moving it elsewhere at this time.

ASM: Any official web site where we can find you?
JS: Hopefully by the end of the year! Im working on getting jasoncurious.com up and running.

ASM: Jason Curious?
JS: Another one of my own personal terms. A friend of mine made it up a long time ago. Some people are gay, some people are straight, some people are bi-curious, but deep down inside everyones just a little curious about Jason. Ha! I don't know how true it is, but& it sure sounds good, doesnt it?

ASM: Are you going to abandon your writing career now that youre getting in front of the camera more?
JS: Not at all, in fact I just took on a few new writing projects. Ill be penning Julia Partons biography with her. It will be called "Saving Jezebel" and its tentatively set for a mid-2002 release. Ive also just signed back onto the staff of Femme Fatales magazine for the first time in over four years. My comeback article will be an October cover story on the new Elvira movie.

ASM: So what about long-term goals?
JS: Well, my passion has always been acting. Thats why I moved here in the first place. Ive done a lot of lead roles in independent films lately and will be shooting a television pilot co-produced by Rick Dees in the next couple of months. The indie films have pending Blockbuster releases and I hear Dees is already in negotiations with FOX to get the pilot aired this Fall. My long-term goal is to be one of the few people who makes the transition from adult to mainstream, and embraces that past rather than deny it. My whole purpose for wanting to be in the mainstream industry is to make a difference in the world anyway. What better way to start than by opening peoples minds about sexuality?

ASM: Any final comments?
JS: Love yourself. And email me! [email protected].




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