“Whatever trips your trigger.”

- The official slogan of Rod Barry.

Adam & Eve's "Fine Bi Me"; Tina Tyler Joins the Mercenary Team; HBO Takes A Look at "Gay For Pay"; Release Party for "French Kiss" Tonight.


ADAM & EVE’S “FINE BI ME”: If it feels good, do it! That seems to be the underlying theme of one of the year’s few bisexual movie releases, Adam & Eve’s Fine Bi Me, helmed by All Worlds regular director, Mike Donner. The star of the movie is none other than bisexual porn icon Rod Barry, the only performer to be featured in two scenes, one opening and the other closing the film. Barry gets the action started with bi film favorite Jordan Haze. Fans of Barry’s, straight, gay and inbetween will be turned on by one of the most intense performance of his career as he pounds pussy with his hard as rock cock like he’s not sure when he may be getting it again!

Next in line are two Latin sensations, Devon Michaels and Xara Diaz, who have some fun in the kitchen with whipped cream, fruit and a huge double-ended purple dildo. Both are very obviously into the action, but the drop dead gorgeous Diaz steals each shot. The scene is quickly followed by a four-way between Honey Best, Harlee, Gil Cortez and one of our own former “Jason’s Discoveries,” Jason Clydsdale. Up till now the movie has been like any other straight sexvid, making it the perfect movie to watch if you’re a gay boy looking to seduce your straight best friend on a drunken evening. The action here starts with Harlee sucking Gil and Honey sucking Jason, but as they eye each other from across the room, the heat rises and they swap partners. Both boys take turns gagging on each other’s cocks while the girls tenderly go down on each other before they start the true fuck fest. Gil bones down Harlee while on the couch next to him, Honey is riding Jason’s cock reverse cowgirl. The scene finishes with Jason riding Gil’s cock reverse cow…er-boy, while both ladies lick up and down on his member. The scene is hands-down the highlight of the movie, highly in part to the introduction of the well endowed and all too versatile Jason Clydsdale. (We knew we saw a good thing in him when he emailed us months ago!)

Jed Pisston and Devon Summers get it on next in a scene that looks straight out of All Worlds’ Porn Struck series. It’s your typical gay porn scene, the hottest thing about it being that both performers top and bottom and seem equally adept at both. But it’s the movie’s grand finale that is sure to get everyone’s attention, featuring Rod Barry with Tina Tyler and Buck Jordan. This is a reunion or sorts for Tyler and Barry who both performed in their first movies together for All Worlds director, Dirk Yates, right after Rod got out of the corps. Here, they’re together again for the first time in years and they haven’t missed a beat as they corrupt newcomer Buck Jordan. After some hot oral action where the cocks get passed back and forth between every mouth, the boys take turns fucking Tina before Rod bangs Buck doggy and missionary. It’s not long though before Tina sneaks in with her strap-on and starts to bang Rod too, making it a daisy chain of bisexual proportions! Tyler has never looked better and it’s always great to see Rod spreading his cheeks, be it for a guy or a girl. And Buck Jordan, while a little on the beefy side, has his own marine straight boy “I never thought I’d have a cock in my ass!” appeal. He’s certainly my type!

Between the scenes and obviously scripted interviews with the stars, Fine Bi Me tries to say that labels are pointless and that everybody is just “sexual.” What it ultimately proves best though is that these performers, along with director Mike Donner, need no label when it comes to the adult business. No matter what kind of porn they’re making, they’re making it as hot as it comes!

Adam & Eve’s Fine Bi Me is now available on VHS and DVD at www.AdamEve.com.





TINA TYLER JOINS THE MERCENARY TEAM: The aforementioned Tina Tyler, who by the bi has never looked more beautiful in her career than she does in the aforementioned movie, is now working full time as part of Lexington Steele’s company, Mercenary Pictures. As Lex’s own personal Executive Assistant, Tyler hopes to bring much to the blossoming company. “I’m looking forward to working with Lex and Mercenary, helping the company grow and making the product hotter,” said Tyler in a statement made earlier this month. “I’ve admired his work as a performer, and watched him progress into one of the best directors in the business. I’m proud to be a part of Mercenary.” … And Mercenary’s glad to have you, girl!



HBO TAKES A LOOK AT “GAY FOR PAY”: HBO’s new docu-series debuting this week, Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley, is sure to hold viewers for several episodes as they delve deep into the lives of our favorite casts and crews of Van Nuys, Chatsworth, Canoga Park and the surrounding areas. But one episode in particular to watch for is called “Gay For Pay” and features a day on the set of Blue Blake’s movie Brute, featuring wrestling champion turned pornstar Jay Poison, MTV star gone gay for pay Tony Cage and the ever sexy Ben Campezi (pictured here) getting banged while his wife Xara Diaz (remember her from the review above?)  watches in the wings.

Incidentally, Brute was my favorite Big Blue release of the year. More at www.BlueBlake.com.



RELEASE PARTY FOR “FRENCH KISS” TONIGHT: I’ll be hosting the Los Angeles release party for Red Devil Entertainment’s French Kiss tonight at Micky’s in West Hollywood from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Entrance is free and stars on stage include Nick Capra and his French lover who takes his anal cherry in the movie. Co-stars and surprise guests will appear throughout the night as we give away copies of the new movie and get the scoop on Nick’s bottoming debut!



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