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Height: 5' 5"
Hair: Black
Eye: Brown
DOB: 2/17
Home Town: Puerto Rico


* There's 16 hours of video and 259 photos of Dee inside Jason's Closet! Plus, watch Dee LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm (PT).


Dee may be a rowdy, raunchy vixen in front of the cameras, but behind the scenes she's known as one of the most shy girls around! Extremely soft-spoken, most of her communication is done by the eyes which can't help but be flirtatious nearly all of the time. While she claims her Hispanic and Puerto Rican heritage are responsible for her high sex drive, she still belives that the mind is the most powerful sex organ and thinks mystery, leaving something to the imagination, is the hottest thing a man or woman can offer. Off camera, she likes to draw, read and write sensual poetry. She's a music lover whose favorite sounds include R&B and rap music. She drives a Mustang convertible as proof positive that fast cars turn her on and can often be spoted on the Los Angeles freeway in rush hour, quietly and discreetly playing with herself on the way to a set. ...And that should be just enough info for you to know how to get into Dee's jeans!

Dee in Jason's NEWS DESK:
Tuesday, October 27th, 2004 (4 photos)
June 25th, 2004 (13 photos)

"Young & the Curious: Chi Chi LaRue & Friends" - 5/12/03 (5 photos)
"JC TV Live: Solo Masturbation Show" - 2/3/03 (96 photos)

Dee on JC TV:
"Aural Sex" - LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm (PT).

"What's Cookin'? w/ Dee: Tianna Lynn" - (60 mins. + 21 photos)
"What's Cookin'? w/ Dee: Anna Cruz & Jennifer Steele" - (60 mins.)
"What's Cookin'? w/ Dee: Flower, Kinzie & Debbie" - (60 mins.)
"What's Cookin'? w/ Dee: Candy Gisela" - (60 mins.)
"What's Cookin'? w/ Dee: Deanna Lindberg & Billie Morrison" - (60 mins.)
"What's Cookin'? w/ Dee: Ashley Blue & Chris Slater" - (60 mins.)
"Dee & the Fat Men: Special Guest Julian" - (60 mins.)
"Dee & the Fat Men: Special Guest Bud Lee" - (60 mins.)
"Dee & The Fat Men: Dee Naked" - (60 mins. + 10 photos)
"Dee & The Fat Men: Porn Stars as Girlfriends" - (60 mins. + 15 photos)
"Dee & The Fat Men: 2-Hour Special" - (120 mins. + 26 photos)
"Dee & The Fat Men: Dee Talks About Big Cock & Anal" - (60 mins. + 37 photos)
"Dee & The Fat Men: All About Fetishes" - (60 mins. + 15 photos)
"Dee & The Fat Men: Debut Show" - (60 mins. + 17 photos)
"JC TV Live: Solo Masturbation Show" - 2/3/03 (60 mins.)

Dee in the JC THEATRE: (Available to Non-Members)
"Naked Hollywood 14: Playing the Part" - Adam & Eve
"Beautiful Stranger" - VCA
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