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Jason Sechrest has been an active part of the adult entertainment community for over five years as a print/broadcast journalist, public relations representative, gossip columnist, movie reviewer, sex talk radio host, and more. He's most known for his innovative and groundbreaking adult web site, jasoncurious.com, wherein he allows the regular Joe and Jane to live vicariously through a himself, a twenty-three year old boy who knows every porn star you've ever wanted to sleep with -- straight, gay, male, or female! The site is the only one on the web to cover both genres of the adult entertainment world and, in an age where reality-based entertainment rules, has been highly successful in giving the viewer a taste of the wild rollercoaster that is Sechrest's erotic life. He's slept with Jenna (or next to her, at least!) and has thrown Snoop Dogg out of his posh Vegas parties, making mainstream headlines. Sechrest and his site has been covered by everyone from Rolling Stone magazine to MTV News, the most recent mainstream recognition coming from ARENA magazine, who listed him on their "50 Most Powerful People in Porn" list along with the likes of Larry Flynt and Hugh Heffner. Sechrest currently pens columns for Club International and Badpuppy magazines and hosts a weekly sex talk radio show "The Young & the Curious" at KSEXradio.com. He also recently made a turn to mainstream acting, making his Los Angeles stage debut in "Waiting for Godot" September 2024, along with his first major supporting role in a mainstream movie "Final Exam," directed by Roger Corman, pending an early 2004 release.

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Host of "Cocktails with the Stars" - weekly gay porn star event at club Micky's in West Hollywood, CA, each Thursday night from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

Host of "The Young & the Curious" - weekly sex talk radio show featuring interviews with porn stars straight, gay, male, and female. Each Friday night from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm, available in streaming video to JasonCurious.com members or in free streaming audio only at KSEXradio.com.

Columnist for Club International - monthly straight adult DVD review column, "Digital Hardcore."

Columnist for Badpuppy magazine - quarterly gay adult gossip column, "Doggy Style."



"Our choice for Most Interesting Personality of 2024 is Jason 'Curious' Sechrest. You gotta love him! He's a Horatio Alger for the new millenium, a kid who had a fantasy and made it happen. Hats (pants and panties) off to him!" - Onan V., X-Factor Magazine

"You may have been born heterosexual. You may have been born homosexual. You could even be bi or bi-curious. ...But sooner or later, everyone gets a little JasonCurious!"
-R. Blue, ProDomination.com

"Gay, straight, and bi porn with a funky vibe and plenty of smart-ass naughtiness, host Jason Sechrest is just as cute as the models he interviews. If you're obsessed with the comings and goings of your favorite porn stars, this is where you need to be."
- Jake Bharnes, Unzipped magazine

"If you don't know Jason yet, you will. He is perhaps the most personable human that genetic evolution has yet developed. He lives his life on set and his ability to communicate what is funny, interesting, and even heartbreaking about a particular day allows me to forgive some self-promotion I would otherwise not find tolerable. It is nice to see a site that fits in the area between self-indulgent and boring. ... He is a goodwill tornado."
- LukeFord.com

"It's fascinating. Literary heroin. I read the site daily."
- Bisexual film icon, Tina Tyler

"I love it! [JasonCurious.com is] ... well-written, well-designed, interesting to read, and easy on the eyes. I'm impressed!"
- Asia Carrera, adult film actress and webmistress

Jason himself is a cutie - you can read all about him on the site, which is unique in that it covers both the gay and straight porn world, something for everyone, so to speak. You should really see this for yourself.
- Mark Adams' VIDEO VIEW

"What may best be described as an intimate look at one young manā?Ts adventures in the straight, gay, and bisexual world of adult entertainment, JasonCurious.com is... slick [and] well-designed."
- Tripp Daniels, AVN Online magazine

"Great interviews, news and reviews with a fresh approach. ... Jason isfrighteningly bright, exemplifies what used to be called 'bisexual chic', andwrites with style and verve. The fact that he has some endearing vulnerability and self-doubt also on display gives him the street cred he needs. A very attractive and thoughtfully designed site."
- Skee Mastermark, The Rainbow Report

"The site is as versatile as he is! It's not just for straight people, it's
for the bi and gay boys too. ... Remember Curious George? Well, now there is the cute, sexy, and curious Jason."
- Tony Gagliardi, "Gay & Loving It," WeHo cable access

"He's tackling all the latest news and gossip of the adult industry and reporting it to the masses. I'd call him the next Luke Ford, but he's nice to people. ... And yet, doesn't he remind you of Zoolander?"
- Mike Miller aka Flashman, Adult Stars Magazine

JasonCurious.com offers a fresh look at the belly of the adult industry. JasonCurious.com is unspoiled by professional politics and it exudes a natural state of awe, making it approachable as well as informative, creative and fun. I recommend JasonCurious.com to anyone who has not been anesthetized by the power of sexual exploration.
- Adella O'Neal, DigitalPlayground.com

"Jason is a breath of fresh air as he has endless enthusiasm for the gay and straight porn industry. In a city where people are insanely into being conformists, he remains an individual. And hey, he'll probably end up being in front of the camera at some point. Just you watch."
- Will Clark, "Porn Star Confidential"





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