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January 18, 2005

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?Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.?

- Einstein

Shane Rollins to Pop Brandon Lee's Cherry; Owen Hawk Becomes the Diva; Falcon Studios' "Through the Woods"; Cody Cash to Star in Shane's World Gay Feature.


SHANE ROLLINS TO POP BRANDON LEE?S CHERRY: It was confirmed by the camp over at Forest Entertainment yesterday afternoon that Shane Rollins (pictured here) will be the one taking Brandon Lee?s anal virginity in an upcoming film for Chi Chi LaRue?s company, Rascal Video. Lee, who is currently making his ?comeback? as a Rascal exclusive, has never bottomed on camera to date and the movie will be considered long-awaited by his vast legion of fans.

Meanwhile, Rollins is also booked for his third Hot House feature. The movie will be shot in San Francisco at the end of January with a sex scene featuring a ?flip flop? from Hot House exclusive, Alex Kovacks.


OWEN HAWK BECOMES THE DIVA: Owen Hawk has been taking a lesson from Minnie Driver?s character in Phantom of the Opera. No one gets through a shoot without this diva wailing. ?It?s just a constant whine,? says one source who has been with him on many a shoot. ?He?s actually a really sweet guy and I consider him a good friend, but when you get him on a set, you can tell he just doesn?t want to be there. It?s all about when can we get this over with and where are my snacks?? Hawk is also reportedly not the most ?giving? actor. When it comes to his scene partners, they?ve expressed complaint over a vast array of Owen-isms, from eye rolling to yawning. ?It?s just gotten out of control,? says the source, who claims on the set of his latest Doug Jeffries movie the cast and crew have taken to giving him the name ?twat-ee.? ?The bottom line though is that he just photographs amazingly. He?s effeminate behind the scenes, but on camera, he?s such a stud. He?ll win everything this year at the awards, I?m sure of it.?


FALCON STUDIOS? ?THROUGH THE WOODS?: Ok. It?s official. Pierre Fitch is the hottest gay porn star currently on the scene. Bar none. There?s no competition. The Falcon exclusive goes from star to superstar in the company?s latest sex flick, Through the Woods, wherein Fitch bottoms in three scenes under the direction of Chi Chi LaRue .

Through the Woods is an erotic take on the fairy tale of ?Little Red Riding Hood.? With Fitch in his red hoody and baggy jeans, he runs into a big bad wolf, three little sex pigs, a woodsman and some other fantasy characters. His first pairing though is before his journey as D.C. Chandler fucks him hard and sends him on his way. The chemistry sizzles and so does the sex, especially during 69 action and those grunts and groans from the ferocious bottom. LaRue, perhaps from her recent foray into straight porn, has learned the art of the ?gape.? That is to say, there are many moments in the scene where Chandler pulls his massive cock out of Fitch?s hole and we see how much he?s managed to stretch it. Couldn?t be hotter!

Chandler appears in the next scene too, being punished in what appears to be a boy?s school as he and his class mates Barrett Long , Nate Alexander and Marcus Allen report to principal Gus Mattox?s paddle. This principal really is your pal! The boys seem to like the spanking a little too much and Mattox decides to give them each what they really want. There?s lots of oral action with some of the first footage I?ve ever seen of Barrett Long getting his asshole eaten and then the sex consists mainly of Barrett banging Nate while Gus and D.C. go after Marcus.

Cut back to Pierre Fitch on his walk to grandma?s house. He?s getting tired. He needs a ride. He sees a woodsman in a truck, played by none other than Tristan Adonis. The scene actually begins with Adonis stopping his truck to take a piss by the road side. He whips it out and shoots his urine all over the ground. Yummy! This alone is enough to satisfy, but the sex between the two is hot as hell. Adonis looks more beautiful than ever and throws his legs back and gets his ass eaten before plowing the hell out of Fitch. The only complaint? There?s not enough sex footage. It?s a few minutes of mish, a few minutes of doggy and we?re out.

Jason Adonis , real-life brother of Tristan, is up next along with Collin O?Neal as they both take turns banging Bobby Williams. These are the three little sex pigs who Fitch encounters when he stops at their home for a rest. Just like his brother before him, Adonis gets his hole licked too in an amazing ass-eating daisy chain that takes the cake for the hottest moment in the scene. The sex is good, but it?s Williams who carries the scene with his perfect, perfect ass and that accent that could drive anyone wild.

The final scene has Fitch meeting up with grandma. But it?s not grandma. It?s big bad wolf Gus Mattox in a shower cap and glasses. ?My, grandma! What a big dick you have!? ? ?The better to FUCK you with!? shouts Mattox and so begins the dirtiest scene in the movie as the daddy gives it to the boy in the hoody just how he likes it -- hard, rough and with lots of dirty talk.

Abercrombie can only dream of having him. Fitch belongs to us gay porn lovers and we?re so damned thankful to have him.

Falcon Studios? Through the Woods is now available on VHS and DVD at www.FalconStudios.com .


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