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February 3, 2004

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“It was a wardrobe malfunction.”

- Justin Timberlake caught in a lie once Janet admitted the whole thing was planned. Now that we know he’s so comfortable telling half-truths, how can we be so sure Britney cheated?

Michael Brandon "Going Against Protocal" for Monster Bang #5; On the Set of Python's "Twisted"; Bret Wolfe to Host Gay Chicago's "Grabby Awards"; Kiki D'aire Engaged.



MICHAEL BRANDON “GOING AGAINST PROTOCAL” FOR MONSTER BANG #5: Fans and industry insiders alike may be left with more than their holes agape when they attend the premiere of Michael Brandon’s latest from Raging Stallion Studios, Pokin’ in the Boys Room, this Saturday night. Their jaws may need to be lifted from the floor too (for various reasons!) after they see Michael Brandon performing an oral cum shot on Tag Adams in the climax to one particularly arousing scene. Brandon drops a load on the performer’s face and shoots in his mouth, then scoops it with his “Monster” cock from his cheeks and into his mouth.

“Well, we’re going against protocol,” Brandon explained to JasonCurious.com late last week in an exclusive interview. “In keeping with the tradition of being really cutting edge, this is something we haven’t done before and it is incredibly hot.” When asked if this is just the beginning of less than safe sex practices on camera for Brandon, he replied, “Absolutely not. I do feel that we have a responsibility but I feel that in this instance, it is the responsibility of whoever is taking my load to make sure that their mouth is clean.”

Pokin’ in the Boys Room, the fifth installment of Brandon’s Monster Bang series through Raging Stallion, premieres at Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco, California this Saturday, February 7th at 9:00 pm.



ON THE SET OF PHYTON’S “TWISTED”: Jeff Kydd dropped in with another lewd on-the-set report of Python Pictures new title, Twisted. Here’s what he had to say:

Hey, Porn Pervs, Jeff Kydd, Pervert Extraordinaire, here, and I just finished sorting through all the pics of my latest on-set report, Python Pictures’ Twisted. And Twisted it was, fiends – I mean, friends. Things started as Asian newcummer Jacquelin got intimate with the biggest fucking dildo I’ve ever seen. How she got that thing in that little hole I’ll never know, but it was fuckin’ hot to watch. Even Producer James Melendy was impressed as he sniffed the bright red, veined motherfucker after it came out of her puss. Then she got into the hot tub for a torrid interracial fuckfest with Aussie cocksman Tony Sexton. Tony got his joint worked by the cock-hungry bitch as cameraman Jimmy D. did his usual magnificent work. After getting him harder than a sailor at a Ricky Martin concert, Tony licked her clit to a frenzy. Then he mounted her like a dog and reamed her frothing cunt raw. Finally, Jacquelin got what she came for, a nice, thick, frosty facial. Good stuff!

Next up was newbie Kayla. Well, actually, she's done a few girl-girlers, but this was her first cock-stuffing. Kayla showed right off the bat that when it comes to polishing a knob, this girl is no newcomer. Check out those stringers! Her partner in filth, Kenny, returned the favor by gnawing on her cunt. Things got hot real fast as Kayla sat on his stiff rod and ground it deep into her gash. But just when you thought it was heading into the home stretch, Kayla, devious slut that she is, hauled out her favorite set of anal beads and shoved them up her asshole... but not until she applied a little lube. After getting fucked up her cooch by her beau and reamed at the same time with those anal beads, the only thing left was to take a load to the face. Unfortunately, my batteries died just at that moment. Hey, what can I say?

But there's more. Want more? Of course, you do, porndog. Then check out Latina bombshell Soma. If this chica doesn't have a pair of flawless knockers, we don't know what tits are. She hooked up with Brett Rockman of the oversized endowment, but proved that she was no wuss when it came to sucking and fucking a Coke can cock. He nailed her mish, doggie and reverse before the inevitable and humongous load.

I don't know about you, but that was way more than I bargained for when I signed on for this job. I packed my bags and left, limping as my blueballs and swelling cock made walking more difficult than, well, when I left the last Python shoot I visited. Check out Twisted, coming in the next couple of weeks. This is one fucking hot vid. Talk to ya soon, and stay tuned to www.PythonPictures.com for more news and pics on everything that's going on at Anarchy Films and Python Pictures.





BRET WOLFE TO HOST GAY CHICAGO’S “GRABBY AWARDS”: Gay Chicago Magazine and Behind Closed Doors announced Friday afternoon that The 14th Annual Grabby Awards will be held in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, May 29th, hosted by last ye ar’s GayVN & Grabby winning Best Newcomer, Bret Wolfe. Wolfe will be joined on stage by co-hosts Chi Chi LaRue, Honey West, Michael Brandon, and Chris Steele.

It’s very, very rare that Gay Chicago would choose someone so new to the business to host their show and I think it is really telling of how big a star Bret Wolfe has become in such a short period of time. Some people are just born with it and whatever it is, Bret’s got it. He’s a true showman and I personally feel he’ll make a fantastic master of ceremonies.

Wolfe will hone those hosting skills on Saturday, February 28th as the official emcee of The Bad Boy's Burlesque Show, a fundraiser featuring gay porn stars held at The Gentry in downtown Chicago. Wolfe recently became a full-time resident of the Chicago area and is honored to be taking place in events considered so momentous in his community. This year's Grabby Awards will be held at Park West, its biggest venue yet seating over 600 people. Tickets will go on sale to the general public April 14th and can be purchased at www.grabbys.com.

Last year, Bret Wolfe broke the adult entertainment industry's record for winning the highest number of awards in a performer’s first year. Yesterday, GayVN Award nominations were announced for 2004. Wolfe is honored to be nominated this year in the category of Best Group Sex Scene for Falcon Studios' Aftershock 2.

Wolfe is also featured in this month's issue of X-Factor magazine. He hilariously tackles George Bush and stops having sex for Britney Spears in the magazine's monthly “Pouf Questionnaire” – read it online at http://www.xfactor.com/pouf.html.



KIKI D’AIRE ENGAGED: Porn star, adult magazine centerfold, and popular feature dancer, Kiki D’aire was missing in action during most of the The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo this year. Friends of Ms. D’aire were puzzled as to why she wasn’t spotted on the show floor and why calls to her cell phone went unreturned. “Kiki called me when she got into Vegas so we knew she arrived safely,” says D’aire’s manager Harry Weiss in a statement made late last week. “Kiki is also very prompt in returning my calls, so when she didn’t, I was more puzzled than concerned. Kiki is very self-reliant and not into the drug scene, so I wasn’t too worried. When she finally got in touch with me, I knew there would be an interesting story.” Kiki finally appeared Friday night. She checked into her suite at The Venetian on Wednesday with her boyfriend, and six bottles of expensive champagne. Kiki emerged forty-eight hours later with an engagement ring, an extremely exhausted fiancé, and the last bottle of champagne. Kiki's porn family, AKA the Binion’s boat people, toasted the happy couple, who were last seen returning to their suite for round two!


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