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February 8, 2005

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?You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you trust too little.?

- Frank Crane

Brad Slater Goes Bareback; Alana & Chris - "We're Just Fine, Thank You!"; Johnny Hazzard Lights Up New York Fashion Week; Doc Johnson's Japanese Bondage Rope.



BRAD SLATER GOES BAREBACK: Gay XXX newcomer Brad Slater made a name for himself recently as the highly publicized boyfriend and even more highly publicized ex-boyfriend of gay porn superstar Jason Ridge. Now comes word that Slater will be taking the road less traveled to gay porn stardom, starring in a bareback movie for SX Video titled Barebacking with Jack Surf. The movie is not yet available though preview photos and video clips of Brad?s scene with Jack Surf are available at: http://www.sxvideo.com/index.asp?PageAction

Incidentally, the movie also features Fyerfli, currently nominated for the Best Actor award from GayVN. Oh, the things we dig up!

Slater will be performing a live duo sex show with former flame Jason Ridge on JasonCurious.com today. Tune into the ?Live & Raw? section of JC TV from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (PT).


ALANA & CHRIS - ?WE?RE JUST FINE, THANK YOU!?: I spoke with pornstress Alana Evans yesterday morning who was needless to say livid over an article fellow columnist Gene Ross penned on AdultFYI.com stating that she and her husband, hunky straight porn actor Chris Evans, were convicted on prostitution and drug charges. While the couple?s names may be similar and the husbands look somewhat alike, Alana says that everything from their ages to residences should?ve given Ross a red flag. So what?s the first thing she did when she awakened this AM? Called her lawyer! ? Hell hath no fury like a porn star scorned! Alana says she and Chris will give their statements on the matter candidly during their web show, All in the Porn Family, LIVE on JasonCurious.com?s this Thursday at 6:00 pm (PT).


JOHNNY HAZZARD LIGHTS UP NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: Rascal Video exclusive Johnny Hazzard lit up New York's famous fashion week yesterday evening as he was the first model to take to the runway for pop icon Boy George?s new line of couture, B-Rude, available online at www.B-Rude.com. The original idea, so I?m told, was for him to walk out completely naked to open the show,a real shock fest! But at the eleventh hour, the state of New York said they would arrest him if he opened the show in the nude. Naturally, he donned as little as possible, but was fabulously dressed by B-Rude and opened the show to a thunderous applause.

The catwalk wasn?t Hazzard?s introduction to the multitalented Boy, however. Hazzard has modeled B-Rude previously for still photos shot by Boy George himself. (See photo above.)

Johnny Hazzard recently had his massive member molded into a dildo for Chi Chi LaRue?s ColleXXXion. The gay porn superstar is also currently nominated for Best Sex Scene at the prestigious GayVN Awards for his most recent starring vehicle for Rascal, BOLT. The movie, produced and directed by Chi Chi LaRue, is the company's most lavish production ever and their most expensive to date, nominated for an astounding total of twelve GayVNs. ... BOLT, along with Hazzard?s other films and personalized sex toys, can be purchased online at www.Channel1Releasing.com.



DOC JOHNSON?S JAPANESE BONDAGE ROPE: Our former webmistress turned Senior Web Developer (our staff has expanded!) Susie G. has been rifling through our mail again and this time she stole the newJapanese Bondage Rope from Doc Johnson to try out on her boyfriend. Here?s Susie?s detailed review:

When Dr. Johnson comes knocking at your door you have a giddy hope that the pounding is coming from one of their 12? monster dildos. Doc did deliver some goodies for a test drive, but much to my surprise it was from their new line of Japanese Bondage Rope. Since they were good enough to seek me out to test their new toys, of course I was more then happy to comply. I actually love performing intricate rope bondage. I immediately became hooked some years ago after taking a few classes at a local bondage seminar. While it takes longer then other forms of bondage, creating the intricate web designs is close to deep meditation and then of course you have a little bondage bon-bon to play with in the end.

The problem with my test was finding a willing partner. My beau is not the bondage type at all. So even with my begging and pleading I still got a resounding no. How was I ever going to get Doc to send me the real goodies if I did not even complete this first product review? He still was not to be budged. Lucky for him and Doc, Miss Susie is a slut and will do anything to get her hands on some new toys.

After showing him a few simple knots and weaves to do on me, we were ready to go. The silky ropes come in a gorgeous rich purple and a bloody red with just enough stretch to prevent burns or pressure damage but strong enough to form a secure hold. He began with my arms, stretching them above my head and beginning with the right side he looped over my wrist and wrapped the rope around a few times before securing it to the metal bed frame. I was all snickers and giggles in the beginning but when my second wrist was complete I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I can?t recall ever being bound or even held down for that matter. A devious little smile appeared on his lips as he began to do the same to my ankles leaving me spread eagle and naked on his bed.

I started thinking about our favorite double dong dildo. When I suggested he grab it, he did not hesitate a bit. I moved my wrist and ankles testing to see how far I could move as he took the dildo and began running it up and down my body. In my mind I was already begging him to stick it in my wet pussy but I let him play for a while trying my best to act nervous and scared. But as I said before, Susie is a huge slut and it wasn't long until I was demanding he fuck me with it.

My beau was not finished playing with me yet and me kept moaning and thrashing in his little rope trap for hours. He asked later if next time he could tie me face down.

I believe the Doc is in!

Doc Johnson?s Japanese Bondage Rope is available at www.DocJohnson.com.

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