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March 1, 2005

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?Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself.?

- Rita Mae Brown

Chet White Goes Live; Spotted! In WeHo; Sweatshop Video's "Squirt"; Matthew Rush Explains It All For Us.



CHET WHITE GOES LIVE: I loved that little bi boy Chet White from the second I saw him on SeanCody.com, but now that he?s signed with Forest Entertainment, ?I simply can?t wait to see him in action on the big blue screen. While I?m waiting, I?ll enjoy having him on the small screen as he is scheduled to perform shows on Live & Raw, available right here on JasonCurious.com, next Tuesday, March 8 th. Mark your calendars! I won?t tell you again.

White recently returned to Los Angeles from an outside of the U.S. ?field trip? with a certain straight porn company that was trying to go gay for the first time. The outcome? Disaster. They may be the undisputed leader of reality porn in the straight XXX world, but when it comes to the gay boys, they seem to have a lot to learn! Both White and fellow Forest Man Cody Cash were sent home prematurely, along with the rest of the cast -- and no one?s being paid!

But maybe more on that later? that is, if they don?t pay the boys what they?re due for traveling outside of the U.S. for a sleigh ride to hell shoot that never happened. Time is money. It?s called a kill fee. Learn about it!

In the meantime, check out Chet White in Metro?s forthcoming Switch Hitters 11. You?ll love him!


SPOTTED! IN WEHO: The salubrious Sharon Mitchell at Virgin Megastore on Sunset. ? Colton Ford bouncing down Santa Monica Blvd. past Cingular Wireless on Monday afternoon around 1:00 pm. ? Jason McCain looking more than svelte circling Melrose. ? Rod Barry (pictured here) smooching on some hot chick at Micky?s last Thursday evening. ? ?Jason?s Discovery? Brick now working Thursday late nights at Micky?s as a go-go boy. ? Tiger recently returned to the Los Angeles area, dining with pal Brittany Andrews in downtown Los Angeles.


SWEATSHOP VIDEO?S ?SQUIRT?: Director Jett Blakk has launched a new division of Red Devil Entertainment and it?s called Sweatshop Video, the first release of which is a doozy called Squirt. Blakk says he created the subdivision as a gonzo/wall-to-wall line for those who aren?t fond of plot and just want the down and dirty sexing. Squirt undeniably offers that in abundance, but remains a risky venture for a division?s first release.

For starters, Squirt could practically be categorized as a ?specialty? film or a fetish release, the theme of which is super short boys topping super tall men. Is there a niche for such a movie? This may be the first of its kind and while Blakk scores points for his innovations and directing of the boys in consistently well positioned scenes, the movie suffers dramatically from poor lighting and low production value, ultimately featuring the stars, on the surface, at their worst.

The movie?s highlight is a grand finale threesome featuring the most aesthetically beautiful boys in the flick, Corbin Michaels, Dick James and our own ?Jason?s Discovery? Jason Crew. Corbin Michaels truly does a bang up job of slipping it to James while Crew rides his face -- we just wish they?d all spent an hour in the makeup chair!

Sweatshop Video?s Squirt, also starring Mario Cruz, Alex Bana, Sean Steele, Jack Sanders, Dillon Press and Johnny Law is now available on VHS and DVD at www.Channel1Releasing.com.



MATTHEW RUSH EXPLAINS IT ALL FOR US: There are a couple of competing fellow journalists out there who have become gay porn?s equivalent of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in the past few days. Falcon Studios exclusive Matthew Rush laid down the law with both of them yesterday evening in an email that I couldn?t help but post because it?s so touching and so true.

Instead of trying to tear each other apart why don't you turn your negative energy into something positive. There are a ton of young people out there who are misinformed about HIV. How about you start promoting safe sex instead of showing them how bitchy and immature people in our industry are? Better yet, donate time or money to your local AIDS charity. You will feel a hell of a lot better than trying to destroy each other.

If you?re fighting your own battles with the Opponent in your life, think about Matthew the next time that little green monster rears its ugly head.

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