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March 29, 2004

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, March 29th, 2004


Gay porn superstar Bret Wolfe made a special appearance on "The Howard Stern Show" early this morning.

(NEW YORK, NY) -- One of only a couple gay porn stars to have ever been asked to appear on "The Howard Stern Show," gay XXX icon BRET WOLFE made a surprise appearance on the syndicated talk radio program early Monday, March 29th. WOLFE appeared as a part of a segment called "Who Has the Best Ass?" wherein Glutes Magazine editor JOHN KENNEDY had to pick the best of three backsides. What KENNEDY wasn't told is that only one of them was actually a woman, the other two were men. The magazine editor proved his expertise, however, when his pick turned out to be professional female bodybuilder, NICOLE BASS. The other two asses respectively were one of the show's regulars whom they referred to as "Gay Ramone" and one of today's hottest gay male porn performers, BRET WOLFE.

The show's cohort ROBIN said she recognized WOLFE from someplace and her suspicion was confirmed when he introduced himself as "a gay porn star... 15 videos, you had to see me at some point!"

STERN was quick to point out that men in the gay side of the business don't make as much as the women in straight videos and proceeded to ask BRET how much money he made. "I'm going to get in so much trouble with so many people if I say that," he laughed. "If you're just getting started in the business, you will get about $600.00 - $1,000.00 a scene. Bigger stars, people who have been in the business a while, performers who have won awards, such as myself, they can make more." Upon being asked what kind of awards he has won, BRET began to go down the list, as he is the industry's record-breaker for most awards won in a performer's debut year.

WOLFE cited such films as "After Shock" from Falcon, "Resurrection" from Hot House, and "White Trash" from MSR, as movies where he is prominently featured, with his specialty being that he is a self-proclaimed power bottom. "I take a lot," he said gleefully. "I have a diary and photos on my web site, BretWolfe.com, and a column on JasonCurious.com where I talk all about it."

WOLFE again brought up the JasonCurious.com web site when asked if he'd ever been with a woman. "When I did JASON SECHREST's talk show out in L.A., I was dared to eat pussy," he said, referring to his tryst with porn star ALANA EVANS during the KSEXradio show, "The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest." WOLFE was quick to explain upon the inevitable RYAN SEACREST/JASON SECHREST confusion that JASON is a reporter and talk radio host for the adult industry. "He covers both straight and gay on his site," WOLFE explained, "and on his show he challenged me to perform oral on a girl. It was so wrong!"

The segment ended with mention that there was a woman in the green room who was lusting after BRET and thought she could convert him. STERN quickly doused the woman's dreams stating, "Any man who describes himself as a power bottom is not being converted."

WOLFE was videotaped by the E! Television crew from his arrival at the station to his departure and the segment is scheduled to air on the cable network later this week.

Photo courtesy SportsnRecVideo.com.

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