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April 6, 2004

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“The average man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than he is in a woman – any woman – with beautiful legs.”

- Marlene Dietrich.

Rascal Exclusive Johnny Hazzard to Bottom in "Bolt"; Vicky Vette Partners with Camz.com for 24/7 Live Streaming Video; Diamond Pictures' "Temptation of the Gypsies 1 & 2"; Scott Sloan Re-Launches Web Site.



RASCAL EXCLUSIVE  JOHNNY HAZZARD TO BOTTOM IN “BOLT”: Rascal Video’s “bad boy” Johnny Hazzard is going to become even more bad-ass when he bottoms for the first time on-camera in the company’s forthcoming title, Bolt. The movie, directed by Chi Chi LaRue, began shooting in November and will not likely be finished until June according to Hazzard, making it one of the most extensive shoots in porn history. The movie features Hazzard getting banged by Zak Spears, Lance Gear, and potentially Rob Romoni. “I like to be with guys who are bigger than me when I’m the bottom,” explains Hazzard of his on-screen choices. His favorite so far? Zak Spears, who he says he jacked off to the very first time he watched a porno as a kid. “That was really cool getting to shoot with him,” says Hazzard. “He kept calling me his little ‘monkey’ during the shoot.”

Next up, Hazzard along with LaRue and crew will travel to Germany for a promotional tour of the Live & Raw hardback photo book. (Hazzard is featured on the cover.) While in Germany, they’ll shoot another starring vehicle for the exclusive, this one to be called Collide.

Look for hot photos of Johnny Hazzard from his appearance on JC TV’s The Young & the Curious going up in the Naughty Galleries section tomorrow afternoon.



VICKY VETTE PARTNERS WITH CAMZ.COM FOR 24/7 LIVE STREAMING VIDEO: The official web site of adult video vixen Vicky Vette, www.VickyatHome.com, is now featuring streaming video live cams twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, courtesy Vicky’s partnership with Camz.com. Aside from her own scheduled live video romps, Vicky now offers 30 other porn star live cams, 100 amateur cams, and even 50 guy cams! If variety is the spice of life, VickyatHome.com is as now officially as HOT as it gets! … Because of this recent addition to the site, Vicky is extending her limited time offer to join the site for $19.99 a month through April 12th. That's less than ONE WEEK LEFT to become a member before the price is raised to $24.99 a month.

Vicky Vette is this year’s Hustler magazine “Beaver Hunt” winner and at 38 year's old holds the record as the most mature winner of the annual Hustler contest ever, beating out the slew of twenty-somethings on her path. Her layout will appear in the publication's July issue, a 30th Anniversary special edition that is sure to be a collector's item. ... Vicky also recently received a pre-nomination from AVN’s Heidi Pike-Johnson for Best Tease Performance in Elegant Angel’s Tails of Perversity 10. Her most recent release, Mr. Pete’s Mayhem Massacre, in which she appears on the box cover and performs a double-penetration (Mr. Pete and Mark Wood) not for the faint of heart, is available now on VHS and DVD from Mayhem XXX.



DIAMOND PICTURES’ “TEMPTATION OF THE GYPSIES 1 & 2”: Director Csaba Borbely always manages to find us the hottest men that Europe has to offer and what’s more manages getting them to perform gay sex acts on camera while looking more heterosexual than anyone you’ll meet in a gay bar this side of the globe. His latest series, Temptation of the Gypsies, is another Borbely masterpiece.

Much like his past wrestling series, each star of the Gypsies series seems authentic to the part; that is they seem to know what it is they’re doing. Did Borbely find real life wrestlers to star in his past movies? As we’ve come to find in recent mainstream news of Sergio Foster being ousted from the pro-wrestling team for his work in his films, yes he apparently did! Has he also wrangled up a few real-life gypsies along the way? I wouldn’t doubt it. These people know the ropes of horseback riding and the gypsy dances like no Hollywood actor could learn with a trainer.

In the first installment, it’s the regulars who take over the show. The drop-dead gorgeous Roberto Giorgio, possibly the best gay foreign sex performer to come along in years, stands out once again as giving and receiving the best romps in the movie. Another familiar face, Ray Phillips, gives his perfect ass up to the gypsies in one of the feature’s highlights.

Moreover though, the Gypsies series is a showcase of new talent and that is made most evident in part two. Seek out the performances of Jack Laurel and Lucio Maverick breaking in these naughty newbies for scenes that are most sure to please.

Temptation of the Gypsies 1 & 2 are now available on VHS at www.IMDVideo.com.





SCOTT SLOAN RE-LAUNCHES WEB SITE: Famed COLT model and bodybuilder magazine cover boy, Scott Sloan has relaunched his official web site, www.ScottSloan.com, this time with a twenty-four hour web cam for you to spy on him as you please! There’s also over a thousand new photos and a few video clips from his most recent feature films. Check out Scott and his self-proclaimed “ultimate bachelor pad.” Tell ‘em JasonCurious sent ya!


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