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April 12, 2005

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??Glitter? was the safe joke of the day.?

- Mariah on the album and movie?s 9/11 release. Her new album, ?The Emancipation of Mimi,? hailed as The Return of the Voice, drops today.

The Tattoo Whores of Gay Porn; Jenna Wraps It Up; Bel Ami Entertainment's "Too Many Boys"; Carlos Morales Gets Sirius.


THE TATTOO WHORES OF GAY PORN: Our friends over at GayPornBlog.com are running a contest wherein fans of gay porn have to match the tattoo with the performer! Winner takes five free DVDs. What a steal!

Can you believe that with all the gay porn I review on a daily basis and all of the gay pornsters I interview for a living, I can only recognize maybe two of the twenty? How sad. Maybe you can do better. They tell me no one has yet to get them all right!

But absolutely no one has had a problem recognizing Rascal Video exclusive, Johnny Hazzard.


JENNA WRAPS IT UP: I hear Jenna Jameson, pop culture icon, New York Times bestselling author and least we forget the most famous porn star in history, is ready to hang up her g-string. While she?ll continue being completely involved in her company, Club Jenna, and has no intention of leaving the spotlight, Jameson shot up to three or four scenes a day throughout all of last week in anticipation of her imminent retirement. Now, she?s through performing on camera. ?She?s ready to start a family,? says one insider, ?and they?ve shot so much content on her, it?ll take them forever to crank it all out.? One of the hottest scenes shot was a girl/girl with new Club Jenna exclusive Ashton Moore, which is reportedly so hot they?re considering making it Jenna Loves Ashton.


BEL AMI ENTERTAINMENT?S ?TOO MANY BOYS?: It almost views like reality porn and the concept is certainly ripe for it. Bel Ami Entertainment?sToo Many Boys is being promoted as the result of what happened when producer/director George Duroy went to France and asked Johan Paulik to take care of his house. Naturally, he hosted a party with Bel Ami?s best cameraman Marty Stevens filming the whole event, planning to present a completed video to George upon his return. Only problem: Johan invited too many boys and in no time at all, we see the house is awash with alcohol and filled with the sounds of sex, cocks and chaos.

Per usual with Bel Ami, these jocks and twinks are just as flawless as they get. The sex footage is practically as glamorous as the usual Duroy fare, with just a little less glistening and a little more edge to add to the ?reality? feel. The between party footage itself is fast forwardable, no real debauchery going down and just a series of subtitled interviews. Disappointingly, there?s no grand finale orgy scene, which one might expect to see at a Bel Ami party. In fact, there?s not even a threesome to be found in the bunch.

One birthday celebration, two hosts, three crewmembers and sixteen partygoers create eight sizzling sex scenes that will make this a night you?ll never forget while posing the true question: Can you ever really have too many boys?

Bel Ami Entertainment?s Too Many Boys is now available on VHS and DVD at www.BelAmiOnline.com.



CARLOS MORALES GETS SIRIUS: The hottest gay radio show around is getting a taste of Latin love Raging Stallion style tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13th, when the studio?s exclusive Carlos Morales takes to the airwaves of Sirius's The Derek & Romaine Show at 4:15 pm (PT)/7:15 pm (ET). Morales will be promoting Raging Stallion?s biggest release of the new year, Passport to Paradise, which has been hailed by reviewers as ?the ultimate? in the Latin niche of gay adult movie making. Morales will discuss what it was like making the movie while taking calls from fans and getting grilled by the show?s fantastic hosts. ? Morales will also be interviewed by GayPornBlog.com this week promoting the film and will appear at the New York based Passport to Paradise premiere party at Splash on Saturday, May 7th at 10:00 pm and at a special fan meet and greet session at Rainbows & Triangles the following afternoon, Sunday, May 8th.

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