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May 6 , 2003


By Tina Tyler

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #4: At The Movies

This month, I thought Iíd lighten things up a bit and weigh in with my reviews of movies Iíve seen recently.

First up: Identity. I was really looking forward to this movie, as Iím a big fan of John Cusackís work. After seeing the trailer, I was waffling about whether or not to see it at all. The trailer for this movie seems to tell the whole storyÖ not even close! I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there were a lot of plot twists, a great script and some amazing acting performances. Even though I figured out the movie very early on, (about 20 minutes in), you really have to be paying close attention and have a bit of psychological knowledge to do so. I donít want to give anything away, but itís one of the best plot twists Iíve seen in recent years. On a scale of one to ten (ten being best) I give Identity a 7.5Ö which is saying a lot, since Iím a very picky movie goer, especially when it comes to this genre.

The next movie on my list is one that Iím almost embarrassed to admit to having seen. The Real Cancun is a fun bit of fluff for when youíre in a mood to see people make fools of themselves. Take one part MTVís The Real World, one part Girls Gone Wild and 100 parts tequila and you have The Real Cancun in a nutshell. A sloppy, drunken, collegiate nutshell. As for the eye candy, itís great if youíre into chicks, but a tad disappointing if, like me, you prefer man meat. Although, there was one yummy hunk that made my nipples stand at attention. Paul, if you taste as good as you look, shoot me an email! I give The Real Cancun a solid 5, if only because I didnít have a hangover the next day.

The next two movies on my list are available on DVD. Secretary and The Man from Elysian Fields. Secretary was a movie that could have only been made by a Canadian Production Company and kudos to Lionís Gate Films for having some balls. Itís a small movie with a big impact that deals with the mindset of sado-masochism very well, better than almost any movie Iíve seen on the subject. The lead actress does a brilliant job with the material and James Spader is his best playing the cold, distant and quirky sadist. Iím very surprised that this movie didnít garner more attention during awards season. I give Secretary an 8.

I had wanted to see The Man from Elysian Fields when it was playing in theatrical release. The premise was so far up my alley, it hit my cervix! Mick Jagger and Andy Garcia in the world of male prostitutionÖ WOO and/or HOO! While the movie wasnít what I expected it to be, what it WAS, was so much better! Delving into the male psyche and the motivating factors of the married man in a poignant and human way. It saddens me to say that the weakest link in this movie was that Mick Jaggerís character didnít have the development I would have liked to see. One of the movieís surprise performances was that of James Coburn who played the, once robust and hearty, dying author with such a quiet grace that it moved me to tears. Iíve never really been a big fan of Mr. Coburn, if only because the genre of movie he is usually cast in isnít my cup of tea, but here he has made a fan for life. I give The Man from Elysian Fields an 8.5.

Now for my last review:

For all you fans of gay porn this one is a must see. Itís a slightly older title made in England and is distributed here by OGV called The Crush, Falling Hard. It took me several nights of Ďactivelyí watching this movie to get past the opening credits, which were filmed so beautifully and with such pretty boys it almost didnít need a movie after them. The acting and plot are superb by industry standards. You actually care about why the characters are fuckingÖ and the fucking is fucking sublime! On a scale of one to ten tissues, The Crush, Falling Hard gets a 9.5.

See you next month with more from Tinaís twisted mind!


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