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April 29, 2003



By Miss Brittany Andrews

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #5: When 10 Little Piggies Are the Catch of the Day

Greetings, my fans of freakdom! It’s your Princess of Paraphilia, Miss Brittany Andrews! This month we have a very special installment, another entry in our series about foot worship, a delightfully deviant little kink known as shrimping. For those of you who’ve never indulged, shrimping is the term for the act of sucking on your lover’s toes. Shrimping appeals to several different fetishes at once, including power exchange, foot worship, and female domination, in my case.

In most cases, the role of the shrimper, the toe-sucker, is very submissive, allowing couples to fully enjoy the thrill of bending to another’s will. Imagine your normally reserved wife or girlfriend kneeling or laying on the floor, her eyes looking up at you adoringly. She purrs her love for you and proclaims her obedience as her tongue slowly dances around your toes. You feel the warmth, wetness and heat of her mouth as she softly envelops your toes. One by one, she fellates each toe and lets her hair brush against the sensitive tops of your feet. Your cock swells as she performs her oral ministrations on your digits. You command her to look into your eyes as she bobs on each toe.

Interesting, isn’t it? Well, the thrills don’t have to stop there. Ask your wife or girl how she would feel being in the driver’s seat in such a scenario. Keep in mind that shrimping isn’t for everyone, as some people are just way too ticklish for this pastime.

Assuming that sensitivity isn’t a problem, though, any woman would be thrilled to have her big, strong man lying at her feet, offering his mouth and tongue to her tired feet.

Treat her as a queen and bathe every inch of her sole and arch with your tongue. Proclaim your desire to pleasure her entirely. Massage her soles as you begin to suck on each and every toe.

Don’t be surprised if you find your lady starting to shudder and twitch in the throes of orgasm. Many women can achieve foot orgasms and just don’t know it. But trust your Mistress, if you give a girl her first footgasm, she’s all yours.

There’s another side to shrimping that’s less lovey-dovey and more down and dirty. Of course, this is the kind that I like best. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen your Diva break in a new bitch boy. I love to get them down on the floor and make them my little foot-sucking whores! First I’ll start by having them clean every inch of my feet with their tongue. I especially like it if they’re mumbling a mantra of my choice while they’re doing it, like “I am Miss Brittany’s little bitch. I am her personal foot-whore.” Hearing that kind of thing over and over tends to get my twaté all aglow with excitement. What can I say? I am that kinda girl.

When I feel that my feet have been shown the proper respect, and not a second before, I like to tease the boys a bit before moving to the main course. I’ll pinch a nipple between my perfectly pedicured piggies, or toe-tug on a rock hard cock. Then it’s shrimping time.

We start with the toes. I tell my boys to make their mouths into tight little man-pussies and let me fuck them with my toes. I’ll go through every toe, sometimes twice, as footgasms rack my body.

Before long though, I like to push the boundaries of my boys, and see just what they’ll do for me. I tell them to take two toes at once, or both big toes. I tell them to let me fuck their hot wet mouths with my pretty feet. That’s when I get soaked, using my foot like a cock and raping their mouths. Calling them names as I foot-fuck them, making them shrimp five toes at once. God, its bliss!

Once again, writing my column has led me to a lovely state of arousal. It’s lucky I employ a loyal staff, all of whom are very attentive to my moods. Looks like someone’s about to get the honor of living out my writing.

Until next month, take care of yourselves and think of me every time you do!


Miss Brittany Andrews

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