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June 3 , 2003



By Tina Tyler

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com


Column #5: From the Twisted Mind of Tina Tyler

This month, I thought I'd show off my talents for writing fiction. The following is a short story I wrote recently. It's the first time I've tried writing anything from a male perspective. Please feel free to write me with your comments.


January 14th, 2003

I’m writing this to try to make some sense out of my life, to see where I went wrong. I’ve already lost everything; my wife left me, taking our two kids with her. I’ve lost my job. My parents won’t talk to me. All this because of a woman I’ve never met. 

When my wife, Carol and I were first married, things were great. Our sex life couldn’t have been hotter. She was always dressing up for me, making any fantasy I had come true. She even initiated a threesome with the hot blonde she works with just because it was my birthday. I was in heaven. The way I see it, all the trouble started when she thought it would be hot to watch a porno and mimic what the actors were doing. Now, I had been a fan of porn for a long time. Even had a little collection going. My wife’s only problem with porn was the type of stuff that I watched. You see, I really dig the nasty stuff, naughty little sluts taking as much dick as is humanly possible with a smile, all anal all the time, the more gaping the better. Anyway, this one night, Carol surprised me at the door wearing a leather bikini and spiked heels. I knew I was in for a great night. She had our bedroom all set up with all of our favorite toys, lube and massage oil. Candles were burning all around the room and on the TV was a very tame, very stylized solo girl masturbation scene. While this type of scene usually does nothing for me, I couldn’t stop staring at this incredible vision on the screen. I had never seen such a stunning woman in a porno before. Her eyes seemed stare directly into my soul. I quickly turned my attention to Carol, who was lying on the bed, pleasuring herself with a small vibrator. I joined her on the bed, positioned her on her hands and knees facing the TV screen and entered her from behind so I could watch this vision while we fucked. I came faster than I ever had before. The orgasm ripped through my body with such force that I lost all control, fucking my wife furiously, almost violently until I couldn’t move anymore. It was the best sex we ever had. But, you know how women are, immediately after it was over, she started in with all kinds of questions. She kept asking what it was that set me off. I couldn’t exactly tell her that it was the amazing woman on the screen and that she was just a surrogate for my fantasies, so I pretended to fall asleep, hoping she’d forget about it by the next morning. She let it go, but I couldn’t. I kept thinking about the video and how this woman had made me feel. Over the next few years, I searched high and low for any movie that featured Tiffany Sky, read every interview and review. I even joined her online fan club.  I didn’t have to look too far; she was contracted to some lame vanilla porn company. The type of companies whose product had never interested me in the past. While it was disappointing to see that Tiffany didn’t perform the types of scenes I enjoy, there was just something in her eyes that kept me coming back for more.


During this time, Carol got pregnant with our twin boys. She was miserable. My sexy and sexual wife was turning into a whining, complaining, fat wall of need. She felt I wasn’t supportive. No matter what I did, she just got more and more unhappy. It was very frustrating for me to see my wife in such a depression, during a time in her life where she should have been happy and knowing all the while that there wasn’t anything I could do. Since she was pregnant, her doctor wouldn’t put her on any medication and things just got worse. Carol became unreasonable. The only solace I had during her pregnancy was watching Tiffany, this beautiful vision of class and dignity, pleasuring herself for me. I bought every movie I found her name in and hid them in the basement, stealing moments with her as often as I could without getting caught. I still wanted my marriage to work and I knew that in her current state, Carol would have a big problem with my new viewing habits. I figured I’d just wait out the pregnancy and things would get back to normal. It’s all I could do.

After the boys were born, Carol got even more depressed. I couldn’t understand it. I begged her to see someone, to get some help, but she wouldn’t even leave the house. We had to hire someone to take care of the kids, since Carol didn’t want anything to do with them. I t go to the point where the only good times I was having were in front of the TV in the basement with Tiffany. In my mind, she became the only woman who understood me, who believed in me.

Just after the boys’ second birthday, is when the shit hit the fan. Carol was over her depression by then, but had come out the other end a very different person. She had no joy left in her life. She had turned into one of those suburban women who live for their kids. Gone was the sexually adventurous woman I fell in love with. She now only acquiesced if we were alone in the house, in bed with the lights off. She had gone from this wonderfully sexually aggressive woman to this meek little, “Not in front of the kids”; woman who seemed embarrassed by her sexuality. The weird thing was, somehow, she thought that I should be more into her. I just didn’t find her attractive anymore… not like this. I could tell my lack of interest was bothering her, but what could I do? Carol had gone over to her mother’s house one Sunday afternoon while the boys were napping, and I took the opportunity to head downstairs and spend some private time with Tiffany.  I must have been down there for only 5 minutes or so, when Carol came in. When she opened the door and saw what I was doing, she flipped out. All she could say was that she couldn’t believe I was down here jacking my dick, when my son had fallen out of bed and was laying on the hard wood floor crying. Apparently, she’d heard him from the sidewalk where she was talking to a neighbor. I tried to explain, but she stormed out of the house before I could even zip up my pants. She took the boys and moved in with her Mother.

The next day, when I got to work, my boss asked me into his office and proceeded to inform me that I was being let go. Unfortunately, my boss was also my father-in-law and was one of those protective men who’d do anything his little girl told him to.

About a month of job searching later, I received a package in the mail. It was divorce papers. I kept trying to get Carol to speak to me. I mean it’s not like I cheated on her or anything, but she had her mind made up. She won’t even let me see the kids.

So here I am no wife, no kids, and no job. Nothing to keep me here.

Last night it hit me. Nothing to keep me here. It kept resonating in my head, nothing to keep me here. So, I packed up the car and I’m heading for LA. I just have to try and meet Tiffany. I know if she could just meet me, she’d feel the same way about me as I do about her.

January 23rd, 2003

I’ve been in LA for a week now and have had no luck. I just got back from a job interview at PSN (Porn Star Network). They do all kinds of stories on porn stars and porn movies. They just hired me to be an on the set reporter. The guy who hired me was so impressed with my knowledge of all kinds of porn that he hired me on the spot. Things are looking up. I get to be on my first porn set tomorrow morning. All I have to do is interview a couple of chicks, then sit back and watch people fuck. Man what a sweet gig!

January 25th, 2003

Yesterday was a good day. I got to the set around 10am. I couldn’t believe how many people it took just to make a porno. As soon as I got there, some dude took me over to meet the director, some piece of shit asshole that thought he was important enough for me to interview. I asked him some questions and pretended to take some notes, but who really cares about the guys in this business? After he bent my ear about the history of his entire career and all of his “accomplishments”, I politely excused myself and headed into the make up room where there were 3 half- naked girls. Now this was more like it. They ignored me until I introduced myself as a reporter from PSN and then they couldn’t be nicer. They practically got into a cat- fight over who would get the first interview. As I was asking each of them the list of questions I was given, I couldn’t help but add one of my own… “Have you ever met Tiffany Sky?” All 3 of the girls were brand new and while they’d never met her, they all expressed a real interest in “working” with her and an admiration of how far she’d gotten. There was such desperation in these girls, like they’d do anything to get noticed. I didn’t expect that. Another thing I didn’t expect was how I felt when watching these hotties fuck. I figured it would be a real turn on. All their scenes were anal with multiple male partners… right up my alley. But all I could think about while this was playing out in front of me was Tiffany’s eyes staring through me.

When I got home, there was a message from my new boss telling me that there was another shoot he wanted me to cover on Monday, but I had to hang back on this one, since it was going to be starring Tiffany Sky and she almost never lets press onto her sets. My heart leapt into my throat. I still can’t believe my luck! Second day on the job and I get to meet my goddess.

January 28th, 2003


This will be my last entry. My life has completely unraveled, but let me back track. You need to know all that came before.

The day started early. I got to the set around 8:15am. I didn’t want to miss a minute with Tiffany and I didn’t know when she was getting there. I was so early, that only a handful of crew- members had arrived. I figured I’d help out, since I had nothing better to do, so I began helping them unload their trucks. Once that was done, I went upstairs to the kitchen, where breakfast was almost ready and waited with a couple of the guys. It was weird, none of them were talking about the girls or what they were about to film, they just talked like regular guys on any job would about sports and cars like it was no big deal.

Some chick came up to me and told me that the first girl was in make-up, so I went into the make-up room, hoping I’d see Tiffany there. It was some brunette I’d recognized but couldn’t remember where from. I asked her if she was up for an interview. She was casual with me, not as eager as the girls from the last shoot were. I began down my list of questions, but veered off the list very quickly, asking, “Have you ever acted with Tiffany before?” She told me that this would be her first scene with Tiffany. I was floored! Tiffany had never done anything but masturbation on camera and this girl was telling me that they were about to fuck. I asked her if this was going to be Tiffany’s first scene with another person. Candy (that was her name Candy) told me that this was the case and how honored she was to be Tiffany’s first and a bunch of other shit, but I zoned out, suddenly worried about Tiffany. What was it that was so awful in her life that she would be forced to degrade herself in such a way? I never really thought of Tiffany as a porn star. She was a vision; the perfect woman and now she was going to do something that would give so much more of herself to any undeserving fuck head who could afford to rent the tape. I really needed to meet her to save her.

About an hour later, I heard a commotion in the common area just outside the make-up room. I went to the door just in time to see Tiffany, even more beautiful without make-up, enter the room. She seemed upset about something. She looked angry and she was walking toward me. I quickly got out of the way as she stormed past me. I got a deep inhale of her perfume, musky but sweet. She started complaining to the make-up artist about the director and how she never got the right call time and now he was furious because she was late. I didn’t want to interrupt her, so I just sat in a corner of the room and listened. She never even took notice of me, but she was busy and I was behind her. I could just see her reflection in the mirror. As the make-up artist worked on her, Tiffany began to calm down. I took my opportunity to introduce myself. She asked me to leave the room, saying she didn’t allow press to see her before she was made up. I left without argument and had some breakfast. About a half an hour later, Tiffany comes running out of the room; tears streaming down her face headed straight for the bathroom. I tried to stop her, to find out what was wrong, but she told me to get my sweaty hands off of her and pushed me away. As soon as we heard the lock click over, a bunch of the crewmembers started grumbling about how she always does this and she’s such a prima donna.

Still, I couldn’t help but think that there was something I could do to help her, if I could just talk to her. When she finally came out of the bathroom, she was like a different person, happy and smiling. She invited me into the make-up room to do our interview while she was being touched up. I asked her if it was okay to do it after, in a quieter place where we could be alone. She agreed and 15 minutes later we found a quiet room and I began down my list. I only got to the second question, when some guy came in and said they were ready for Tiffany and this would have to wait. I followed them to the set. The director was talking to Tiffany and Candy telling them what he wanted to see. The set was all done in red velvet and white gauze. I hung back just taking it all in.

Tiffany was great during filming, so professional. I thought I saw her looking at me a few times while the camera was rolling, but it was so brief it was hard to tell. It surprised me that I wasn’t aroused. The setting was beautiful; the women were… well Tiffany… I was just so worried about her and even more worried that I wouldn’t get any more time with her.

Finally, the scene was over. I asked Tiffany if we could continue our interview and she just brushed past me mumbling something about a shower. I thought she meant that she was going to take a shower, but, not 5 minutes later I saw her heading out the door with all of her stuff in tow. I said to the guy standing next to me, “I thought she was going to take a shower.” He replied, ”No, man. She told you to take one.”

I ran to my car. I had to follow her, to see for myself what was bothering her. I couldn’t believe she would say something like that to me. Doesn’t she know I only want to help her? She sped her car through traffic like it was nothing. I had a hard time keeping up with her, even running some red lights just to keep her in sight. She finally parked and headed to the back of some old house. I looked around me. I was in a really bad neighborhood. The houses were all run down and there were undesirables hanging around. My worry for her quickly became fear for her immediate safety. I made my way slowly around the back of the house. When I got there, I was looking through a broken kitchen window where I saw Tiffany pleading with some black guy who was seated at a small table with 3 of his buddies. I heard her say she’d do anything if he’d only help her this one time. It happened so fast. I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Before I knew it Tiffany was naked, on her hands and knees on the kitchen table and these 4 guys were violating her from every angle and in every hole. I stood there frozen. I could see Tiffany’s beautiful face as it happened. Her eyes were dead, as if she was no longer present in her body and there were tears travelling down her face. Just when I thought my heart was about to break, she looked at me, right into my eyes. She started screaming for me to get the fuck out. I just stood there paralyzed, unable to move. One of the guys pulled out a gun and came outside. I don’t really know what happened next, just that I’m sitting here in my apartment looking at the gun. It’s all clear to me now. What I did. How it was my fault and what I have to do now.

This will be my last entry. Only one bullet left.

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