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June 24 , 2003



By Miss Brittany Andrews

Monthly Column Exclusively at JasonCurious.com

Column #6: Bound For Glory

Welcome back, my deviant devotees! It is your favorite Cyberdiva, Miss Brittany Andrews, with another journey into the forbidden world of kink, fetish and fun. This month’s column is about one of my favorite sexual practices, the erotic art of bondage.

For me, power and control are the key elements to my sexual delights, and bondage gets right to the heart of the matter, allowing me to exist in a world of power exchange, trust and sex.

Trust is probably the most important part of bondage, as trust allows us to explore the furthest reaches of our sexuality, that zone where pleasure meets pain and the forbidden becomes real. Without trust, you will never be able to test and find your own sexual boundaries.

When you’re bound, you’re completely at the mercy of the other individual. The relationship is beautifully symbiotic, as both partners are required to complete the sexual act. For yours truly, bondage is mostly about bonding. The process, the art, the ritual of bondage leads to a special kind of communion between the participants. One of my favorite things about bondage is the time it takes to do it right. The entire time you’re being bound is like one long exquisite kind of foreplay, feeling each knot getting pulled tighter, the rope brushing your bare flesh, the ache that starts in my twaté as my movements become more and more restricted.

My favorite type of bondage is the ancient art of Japanese rope bondage. This martial art is thought to have developed during Japan’s “dark ages” as a form of torture used for interrogating one’s enemies. The Japanese culture has had a long history of using rope in spiritual and religious ceremonies, illustrating the connection between the individual and the divine. Gradually, as the dark ages came to a close, the art of rope bondage took on more of an erotic flair, and grew in popularity as a forbidden kind of entertainment and expression.

Japanese rope bondage is currently the realm of extreme perfectionists, if you want it done right. Part of the art is looking at the woman, and the length of rope you have and knowing just how to begin tying her so that you end by using the entire length of rope, not even an inch left over. Perfect symmetry in knots and coils are expected and the concentration is takes to visualize and create this sort of art is immense.

Once you’re all tied up is when the real fun begins. For me, once my elbows are tied firmly behind my back, my pussy gets soaked as I begin to imagine what my partner has in store for me. Maybe he intends to tease and fuck me with a giant dildo; maybe he’ll remove my gag and force me to take his cock into my mouth. The options are endless and my mind is racing by the time the tying is done.

Actual intercourse while tied can be a bit difficult to get the hang of. You only have a window of an hour to an hour and a half before you should undo your restraints. Some of your usual positions will be too uncomfortable to perform while bound. One way to get around that problem is by using body harnesses for suspension, which allow your partner access to your treasures. You also just feel so deliciously helpless, trussed up and available to anyone. It’s an incredible feeling to surrender that much control.

There are other variations in the rope bondage fetish, such as color, coarseness and thickness of ropes that are used. Creative knot tying can result in rope gags and rope switches for spanking and beating. Soft rope is also the weapon of choice for those playing with erotic asphyxiation, although that’s a column for another day.

Other fun aspects of bondage include leather restraints, breast bondage and nipple clamps. Personally, I love to have my tits bound and teased, tugged and twisted as I’m submitting to a good bandage partner.

I’ve been on the other side of the ropes too. I’m very good at rope bondage, and have restrained both men and women in this fashion. You’d be amazed what kind of fun things you can do to a man who’s been tied up.

Well, that’s all for this month, my darlings. Next month I’ll be back with more of my wicked fantasies and more new tricks for my freaky fans. First, however, I think I’ll give a call to an old friend, because once again writing my column has left me wet, ready and fit to be tied.


Miss Brittany Andrews

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