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May 18, 2004

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“He adores me. And I need to be adored.”

- Judy Garland on second husband, Vincente Minnelli.

Tera, Tera, Tera" Marks the Return of a Porn Princess; Tag Eriksson All Year Round; Dexx Jones Declares ZoneDK Defunct; Cody's Latest Confessions Confusing


“TERA, TERA, TERA” MARKS THE RETURN OF A PORN PRINCESS: She hasn’t shot a movie in over three years so it’s no small wonder why newly signed Vivid Video contract girl Tera Patrick’s forthcoming release Tera, Tera, Tera, is already through the roof in pre-sales. Not only does the movie, directed by Chi Chi LaRue ala MTV’s Diary, mark the return of  porn’s crowned princess, but it also earmarks many first: Her first movie under contract to Vivid, her first performance with hubby Spyder Jones (aka Evan Seinfeld), her first ever girl/girl performance opposite fellow Vivid sister Savanna Samson, and her first movie with her new tits.

The title ships on May 26th and is the first from Patrick’s own label, TeraVision, which is distributed via Vivid… which is distributed through Hustler. Hmm, okay whatever. It’s all about TeraVision.



TAG ERIKSSON ALL YEAR ROUND: I don’t know anyone who, their first year in the business, comes out with their own calendar, but leave it to marketing genius Brett Drysdale over at Jet Set Productions to hook up their hottest commodity of the moment, contract boy Tag Eriksson, with a 12-page marker all of his own. The calendar will be distributed through Village Lighthouse and will go on sale June 1st. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s a dead ringer for my now ex-boyfriend, I for one would love gazing at his baby face all year round! But for me, this calendar will only bring up heartache and pain. For you, though! For you! By all means, buy the calendar. Don’t mind me.



DEXX JONES DECLARES ZONEDK DEFUNCT: I spoke at length with Dexx Jones on Friday night after reading on ZoneDK.com that Jones, owner and operator of the site, had declared it and its auteur, Damon Kruezer, defunct. Kruezer was, as many of us know, more than a fan of the gay porn world. He was a fanatic. He created many fake personas for himself along the way, one of which was Kruezer, a reportedly “in the know” journalist whose exposing stories were often blatant lies.

Jones, for whatever reason, took a chance on Kruezer, seeing him, as many of us may have way back in the beginning, as someone who was crucified for saying what no one else had the balls the say. This was before we realized, of course, that a lot of what he was saying wasn’t always true.

After hours on the phone with Dexx Jones, I think his intentions regarding Kruezer were noble, as are his intentions in life and in business. A little known fact about the exclusive models at DexxJones.com (photo above courtesy the web site) is that all of them come from, without going into too much detail, less than pretty existences. Jones not only employs the boys, but gives them a percentage of his company. As opposed to a flat fee, they continue to make money off of the site for as long as their videos are selling, giving them more incentive to make movies with him and more reason for Jones to keep a close eye on them. For many he has provided housing (not his own) and for all of them he has provided a happier life.

Jones says his official reasons for canceling his Kruezer site is because it wasn’t proving profitable and the format was not to his liking. Kruezer has a binding contract with Jones that he says will prevent him from ever starting another site of his own or “bothering” anyone else in the business, and from the off the record info I gleamed from our new best friend Dexx, I don’t think DK would even dream of trying considering the potential repercussions!

I do believe this time, he’s gone for good.



CODY’S LATEST CONFESSIONS CONFUSING: I’ve gotten a few emails regarding Cody Cash’s latest edition of his column, Confessions of Cody Cash, (which I named, by the way) over there at VidioView.com. While well over 50% of Cody’s lurid details of our sexual tryst may be far different than I recall them, the column is certainly amusing and from what I’ve been told by our readers, highly erotic. So I guess I won’t ruin the fantasy and after all, I’ve spoke about enough porn star sex romps in my own Diary on the site, I suppose its time I had a taste of my own medicine! All’s I’m sayin’ is… that ain’t the way I remember it goin’ down!

Most perplexing though are Cody’s comments about Lexx Parker, referring to him as a “new love in his life” only days after he told us in an exclusive interview that hooking up with Lexx was “the worst thing I’ve done in my career.” Why do I get the feeling this is going to be an on-again, off-again thing? Anyway, it’s good that they’ve kissed and made up! For now. At least, I think so. It has been a few days. We’ll check in on Cody and his rubix cube of a life again soon. In the meantime, read up on his latest column at: www.vidioview.com/CodyConfess3.html.


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