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May 24, 2005

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?Not everyone gets a happy ending.?

- Desperate Housewives season finale? off the hook!

Kevin Brown Wins All Worlds' Top Honor; Jason Adonis Battered & Bruised; Jason Hawke Live! In Person & On the Web; Drew's Second Cumming.



KEVIN BROWN WINS ALL WORLDS? TOP HONOR: In a shrewd business move, All Worlds Video celebrated their 20 th Anniversary this weekend in Palm Springs, shooting a reality-based video during a porn star pool party to see who could crank out the hottest footage in a day. Nearly 30 performers showed up to the party and how was the winner determined? Not by quantity. Not even by quality. At the end of the day, all names were drawn from a bowl and NOT the first one picked from the bowl, but the LAST one picked from the bowl (ahh, the old taped to the bottom Jedi mind trick!) would win the grand prize of $20,000.00. A genius idea on their parts, really! Let?s break it down: The 29 remaining losers were basically just having their meals comp?d and thrown a hundred bucks from the petty cash jar for their efforts, so All Worlds did not have to pay the model?s regular scene rates. This means they?re putting out only about $30,000.00 after crew to shoot what must be the cheapest movie they?ve distributed since Dirk Yates picked up a hand held and slipped a sailor a twenty. You gotta hand it to ?em! They?re thinking? with their heads.

And then of course, who else would win the prize but their newest exclusive? Kevin Brown, ladies and gentleman, the drop dead gorgeous self-proclaimed ?bisexual? boy captured here in all his glory by photographer Dean Keefer and seen in their forthcoming movies Captured and Sex with Strangers.

Imagine that. An All Worlds exclusive won an All Worlds contest! How many porn stars do you think it took to figure out that one? Oh, right. About 30.


JASON ADONIS BATTERED & BRUISED: Speaking of geniuses, I?m starting to think Jason Adonis may be one. While walking a pretty lady to her car outside a New York night club the other weekend, Adonis was battered and bruised in a brawl by the girl?s boyfriend and posse right there in the middle of the street. Adonis?s eyes were black and blue, his lip was badly cut and he looked like a scene out of Fight Club when he awakened the next morning? which got him to thinking that some of us gay folk actually find that look VERY attractive! So, Adonis turned lemons to lemonade and shot a fetish shoot with his battered self. Look for them in next month?s installment of his column, In My Own Words.


JASON HAWKE LIVE! IN PERSON & ON THE WEB: The beautifully sculpted Jason Hawke?s new web site, JasonHawkeXXX.com, is getting a lot of buzz! He shot his first live web cam show over the weekend and gave viewers a chance to chat live with him. Hawke says he?ll continue to perform live on the site on a regular basis.

Hawke will also be doing some traveling to promote the site in the coming weeks. First, he?ll appear at Gipsy in Las Vegas this Thursday, May 26 th and Friday, May 27th as the evening?s featured go-go boy around 11:00 pm each night. Then it?s off to Gay Days in Orlando, Florida where he?ll perform live at Club Pulse on June 3rd and 4th.

Seek him out live online or in person and tell him Jason sent ya!



DREW?S SECOND CUMMING: He never really left us, but Drew Warner is sort of making a comeback after having spent most of his energy managing up and coming mainstream music acts for quite some time. It began with a resurgence of public appearances in the past week, seen with new boyfriend, gay porn star Troy Punk, on his arm. Now, just in time for his appearance at the IML convention over Memorial Day Weekend, Warner has announced he?s been signed to direct a series of films pairing European powerhouse porn company Millvres Prowler Group with Warner?s own Sports & Recreation Video. The first joint project, MANeuvers II, will be released in the fall. Good to have you back in the director?s chair, Drew! Makes me wanna bust out in a number from Hello, Dolly! ?I went away from the lights of 14 th Street? ?

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