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June 15, 2005

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?As for Cottage Cheese Moons and her Boy Wonder, maybe she (and he for that matter) should stay away from the ?coolaide? or the phone or maybe both at the same time. And you? Get your nose out of your ass and smell the coffee. It?s not 1985 anymore.?

- Dexx Jones in a harsh but honest statement to David Forest regarding dramas of late.

Daphne Rosen Signs with Venom Digital Media; Andy Kirra & Brandon Baker Shacking Up; Evil Angel's "Gina Lynn's Dark Side"; Jennifer Steele's "Midget Gangbang" Hits Streets June 20th.



DAPHNE ROSEN SIGNS WITH VENOM DIGITAL MEDIA: Adult film actress Daphne Rosen?s star is on the rise and show no signs of stopping! Just weeks after KSEXradio announced her show D 'n A to be one of their biggest ratings boosters of the season, Venom Digital Media has signed her to a non-exclusive contract that includes multiple movies including a line of her own.

?I?m honored to be considered part of the Venom family,? says Daphne, ?and with having this sort of control over my own product, I hope to bring my fans the kind of movies they?ve been writing to me asking for.?

The 23 year old 34F star?s previous work with Venom includes performances in Bros and Blondes, Pussy Poppers 32 and Teens with Tits, currently available at www.VenomDigitalMedia.com. One of her first scenes under contract will also be one of her first double penetrations, set to shoot on June 28th.

Daphne Rosen will appear as a guest on mainstream Internet radio station, Cyberstation USA's hit show, Money Shots & Body Shots this Friday, June 17th at 10:00 am (PT) and can be heard seen Monday night right here on JasonCurious.com as she hosts her own KSEXradio show, D 'n A with fellow pornstress Annie Cruz at 5:00 pm (PT).


ANDY KIRRA & BRANDON BAKER SHACKING UP: Well, they insist that they?re not boyfriends, but I don?t believe them. Party boy celebutante Brandon Baker (I think I may start referring to him as the Paris Hilton of the porn world) and Adonis Pictures exclusive Andy Kirra (pictured here) certainly have everything but the label! Are they fucking each other? Yes. Are they living together? Uh huh. Are they sleeping in the same bed? Sure, why not. Listen, sister, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck?


EVIL ANGEL?S ?GINA LYNN?S DARK SIDE?: I finally got around to watching Evil Angel?s much ballyhooed release, Gina Lynn?s Dark Side, and now I wish I?d gotten to it much sooner. It is the definitive Gina Lynn movie and an in your face statement to the so-called ?crowned princesses? of porn who would never dream of doing the sort of things Gina?s doing while her mainstream success continues to meet theirs. Gina?s the dirty girl of our porn royal and we love her for it as she takes Lexington Steele?s big black cock, takes cock in her mouth straight from Belladonna?s ass, gargles a glass full of Mr. Pete and Mr. Travis?s cum, gets hot candle wax poured all over her body, takes a bukkake and has sex in public.

What is it Cher said about her showstopping tour? Oh yeh, ?Take that, you bitches!?

This special edition features the 3 hour and 10 minute director?s cut, plus a bonus DVD that contains another never before seen romp with Gina, an hour of behind the scenes extras and an extensive photo gallery.

Evil Angel?s Special Edition 2-Disc Set of Gina Lynn?s Dark Side is now available at 13% OFF! In the Curious Corner Store.



JENNIFER STEELE?S MIDGET GANGBANG HITS STREETS JUNE 20TH: The rumors are true. Fire-breathing porn slut Jennifer Steele is officially off her rocker. Heatwave Raw is releasing the XXX performer?s wildest movie to date, Midget Gangbang, on Saturday, June 20th. ?I swear it?s the most hilarious thing I've ever done in porn to date,? says Steele. ?And it was really fun!I play a gold digger who is trying to steal a wealthy midget from his little girlfriend. She sees right through me and finds me cheating on him with someone else so she gets all her little friends together and they attack me with my own flaming dildo. After some fire breathing, the little gang of seven, three of them women, proceed to gangbang and bugger me until I?m spent. When you watch the movie, keep an eye out for Little Star. She was the queen of the scene, especially with her 14 inch dong. Jim Lane made up the story as we were going along and I swear, there's something wrong with that man in the head.?

Jennifer is currently in Colorado Springs performing her famous fire shows at Appaloosa until June 18th. Then it's off to New York City for the filming of her upcoming hardcore POV series, I Fuck My Fans from June 20th - 24th. For more information, visit www.IFuckMyFans.com.

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