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June 29, 2004

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“We’re all slaves to our egos, but it’s like your dog and you have to ask yourself, am I walking the dog or is the dog walking me?”

- From the mother of all ego, Madonna.

Ashley Blue's Direction Debut on the Way; Jesse on Cleo; Sin City's "Sweet Obscenities"; No Early Retirement for Rocco.


ASHLEY BLUE’S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT ON THE WAY: JM Productions contract girl Ashley Blue plays herself in her forthcoming directorial debut, Missing & Exploited. “I got the idea from the way porn stars just kind of disappear. One day they’re on a set with you, the next day they’re gone,” Blue told AVN.com. “So that’s the basic concept – I try to figure out where they’ve gone to.”

Naturally, Blue gives up her pussy and her ass to get information on her friends who include Julie Night, Tyla Wynn and Katrina Kraven. One is found picking up male hookers on Santa Monica Boulevard, one is found trying to become a groupie for a hair band, and one is a crack whore.

Blue says Missing & Exploited is a comedy, but very different from Girlvert, the series she stars in at JM Productions. “I’m not beating people up and there’s not as much torture,” she said.

In addition to directing and starring in the film, Blue also took on many other production responsibilities, including writing, casting, and wardrobe but quickly credits Jim Powers as her discordant muse. “We would talk about dialogue for the scenes and he would suggest a line of dialogue and I would say, ‘No, that’s stupid.’ Then I’d come up with what I wanted to do,” Blue said. “It makes for some great behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD.”

Blue is also proud of her “director’s commentary,” a bonus audio track on the DVD. “I basically drank some beer and watched the video and made jokes about what was going on,” Blue explained.

Missing & Exploited gets found on July 6.



JESSE ON CLEO: Digital Playground’s exclusive contract star, Jesse Jane is featured in the June 2004 issue of Cleo magazine. “Chick Porn”, by Georgia Cassimatis, showcases Miss Jane as one of the stars helping to create new sex products for women. Jesse leads the article, telling her story over a beautiful two-page spread as part of a larger story that encompasses the history of pornography and the recent, growing trend of females addicted to it. Cleo is the top selling women's lifestyle magazine in Australia, with a circulation topping 250,000 and a readership reaching 1,000,000 monthly. In a country with the population equal to Los Angeles, Cleo is a demanded read.



SIN CITY’S “SWEET OBSCENITIES”: Cheers to the publicists who make the journalist’s job easier by practically reviewing a movie for you! On days when there simply isn’t enough time in the day, I can’t appreciate a pal like Devan over there at Sin City more. Here’s his own hyped-up take on Sin City’s latest effort with contract girl Aurora Snow. It’s called Sweet Obscenities.

Aurora Snow proves once and for all that she is the filthiest director in gonzo porn with her newest release, Sweet Obscenities. After watching this video, jam packed with cum swapping, double anal, colon stretching, dick addicts ready and gaping for your amusement, you're going to feel like you need to rinse your eyes out with bleach to get 'em clean.

"I wasn't sure at first if we could even release it,” said General Manager Scott Justice after watching the tape. "I had a team of lawyers from Encino come over to my house after I got the first edit and watch it. They couldn't find anything illegal in it, but one lawyer had a partial stroke half way through scene with Ashley Long and I had to rush him to the hospital. When I got back home there was no one left but my sofa looked like it had been used to mate Humpback Whales. I had to throw the whole sofa unit out because the memory of it haunts me.”

Not compelling enough?

How about a double dose of Pason’s puckered passion as the fiery red head gets stuffed full of throbbing cock, driven hard and long, and receives a hot, sticky reward for her anal efforts?

Then Aurora Snow and Ashley Long gang up on Sascha and fuck his brains out, stuffing his huge manhood up their tiny cracks, down their swollen and fucked raw throats, and deep into their well-worked pussies. These wanton cum fiends finish him of with their dirty little cock sucking mouths all over his angry purple pecker until he shoots uncontrollably while they lap it up and love it.

Next it’s blond fuck slut Victoria Givens who gets her ass fucked red and raw by Lee Stone's massive tool. She wails like a sex starved slut while he rams away into her pink, steamy gash. Afterwards, Gia Jordan gets hammered even worse, double fucked and double penetrated by Tyce Bune and Brett Rockman. Her gaping asshole quivers after
all the lovin' it receives.

Not to be outdone, Aurora closes it out herself one more time, taking it hard from Van Damage as he brings the heat to her violated shitter, drilling it until she can't sit down without whimpering while hot nectar streams out of her horny cunt hole.

This movie proves once and for all that Aurora is the dirtiest director in all of porn. You will not see a harder movie cum out this year!





NO EARLY RETIRMENT FOR ROCCO: Contrary to recent rumors, AVN.com set the record straight last evening that Rocco Siffredi is not retiring, though he will be slowing down his work schedule for the next few years. Via faxes to his U.S. distribution label, Evil Angel, and talks with his friend Axel Braun, it seems Rocco’s official retirement will not take place until at least late 2005.


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