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July 7, 2004

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“How many bottoms are out there?”

- Surely the quote of the month from Janet Jackson, making a surprise performance at New York’s gay pride celebrations.

The "Bad Boys" of July; Confused About Ashley Blue's Birthday Bash; Rascal Video's "Raw Footage"; Raging Stallion Hires Sean Storm Post "Storm Drain" Barebacking.


THE “BAD BOYS” OF JULY: Will Clark has been busy producing two benefits this month, his “High Quali T Dance” at Bad Boys on the Hudson in New York aboard The Queen of Hearts (anchored at Pier 50 at the west end of Christopher Street) on Sunday, July 18th and his second annual Bad Boys by the Bay Burlesque Show at Studio Z in San Francisco on Saturday, July 24th. The NY event will feature performances by top comedians and DJs, plus appearances by gay pornsters Bret Wolfe, Hot House exclusive Alex Collack, Carlos Morales, Duke Rivers, Enrico Vega, Falcon exclusive Gus Mattox, Nick Capra, Rob Romoni, Tony Serrano, and Tyson Cane, while the SF bash will include tarot card readings, on-stage performances, and show tunes galore as hosts Michael Brandon and tranny star Helinka get freaky with Falcon exclusive Jason Adonis (pictured above), COLT exclusive Diego de la Hoya, Andy Dill, Jason Branch, John Truitt, Jon Galt, Marcus Iron, Michael Knight, Michael Soldier, Rik Jammer, Steven Richards and Tony Scalia.

… Now surely, that’s more porn stars than you can all shake your sticks out so get out there, have a blast and support the cause. For further details, visit www.badboyspoolparty.com.



CONFUSED ABOUT ASHLEY BLUE’S BIRTHDAY BASH: Back from a Chicago appearance, JM Productions contract performer/director (and all around dirty slut!) Ashley Blue called to tell me she’s having a birthday bash this Thursday evening and the theme is “white trash.” No sooner do I get Blue’s message on my cell than I check out AVN.com to find Mary Carey has told Scott Ross that the bash is to be a “surprise” and that the theme is to be Barbie. Um… what on Earth do I wear now? Well, regardless, feel free to stop into Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood on Thursday evening and wish the starlet a happy one yourself. There’s bound to be plenty of porn star sightings!



RASCAL VIDEO’S “RAW FOOTAGE”: If know, I know! If I do one more review of a Chi Chi LaRue movie and call it one of the hottest movies to come out this year, you all may just as soon shoot yourselves. But let’s face it, shall we? No one’s making movies like Chi Chi these days and the man’s at the top of his game right now, having learned so much from straight porn (which most any gay man will tell you the actual “action” is far hotter than a gay XXX video) and she’s implemented it into her own company, Rascal Video. It’s evident in Raw Footage, a nifty and simple concept that churns out some pulse-racing scenes.

The movie opens with Rascal exclusive Johnny Hazzard wandering around the Rascal offices (great shots of what Chi Chi’s work space looks like) where he stumbles upon some unedited footage that he decides to take pop into the player.

The first romp is between Rascal exclusive Tristan Bennet and Owen Hawk where sparks fly from an electric chemistry and the hottest action is in the oral with both swallow each other’s cocks and devouring each other’s holes. The scene is quite vanilla though when compared to the next sexual tryst, but that’s to be expected when you pair two sex pigs like Falcon exclusive Gus Mattox and Tag Adams. Mattox takes total control, shoving nearly a fistful of fingers first up inside Adams ass and then down his throat; the gagging of Adams is not to be missed! But Adams is no submissive bottom, as he bounces up and down on Mattox’s cock, he clenches his fists and pounds them into daddy’s chest. The rough stuff continues throughout the length of the scene.

Next, we’re introduced to the latest Rascal exclusive Patrick Downs as he gets plowed by fellow exclusive Claudio Martin’s massively thick cock. Good God is Downs stunningly gorgeous! Where does Chi Chi find these men? I live in West Hollywood too, ya know, but I rarely find someone as beautiful as Patrick Downs willing to take the whole of someone like Martin’s dick in his mouth and his ass. He’s able to take a nasty cock choking and pounding and still look like a pretty boy while doing it. He’s a rare breed and I look forward to seeing more of this performer.

Of course, the final scene belongs to Johnny Hazzard as he gets caught by fellow pornsters Jack Ryan and Carlos Morales. It’s an all-anal love train as Hazzard bangs Morales and Ryan bangs Hazzard -- but not before Hazzard and Ryan don latex gloves to all but fist Morales. The true highlight of the scene is Ryan and Morales on their knees, slurping up and down on Hazzard’s cock while kissing each other. Both Ryan and Morales are oral whores and it’s evident here that they’re in absolute heaven.

So call me what you will, but none the less I’m still in love with Chi Chi LaRue and any footage he shoots these days, raw or edited.

Rascal Video’s Raw Footage is now available on VHS and DVD at www.Channel1Releasing.com.






RAGING STALLION HIRES SEAN STORM POST “STORM DRAIN” BAREBACKING: The as of late often crucified gay porn performer Sean Storm announced yesterday that he’s been cast in a Raging Stallion movie, slated to shoot mid-July hot on the heels of Storm Drain, the star’s self-produced barebacking debut. Mark Adams over at VidioView.com reports that the booking has restored Storm’s faith that “some companies aren’t discriminatory toward models who have, do, or will be doing bareback videos.” Storm Drain is currently scheduled for an August release, containing six scenes featuring the “new look” of Sean Storm; no longer a twink, buffed up and hairy to boot. Storm says plans are already in the works for a second self-produced feature, Direct Deposit.


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