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August 27, 2003


“I have to be the center of attention.”

- Billy Brandt in a candid interview with yours truly, available in News Desk archives from October 18th, 2001.

Billy Brandt - Gone But Not Out; Keri Windsor's Father on Death Bed; Skye Blue Gets "Cleavage" Friendly; Porn Stars Accuse Ron Jeremy of Rape.


BILLY BRANDT – GONE BUT NOT OUT: Since gay porn superstar, Billy Brandt, split from his girlfriend (fans know her as “Tass”) well over a month ago, the self-proclaimed “bad boy of gay XXX” has become somewhat reclusive. Thus, it was a nice surprise to receive a statement from the star himself yesterday, as mailed out by his long-time manager and agent, David Forest. In it, Brandt clears up some rumors on his leaving the biz, rumors reportedly started by his ex, as she is the moderator of his Yahoo! Fan Group. Billy writes:

This is “the real,” Billy Brandt. There seems to be some questions about my status in the adult industry, so I felt it was necessary to send this note to everyone. 

My life, lately, has been a kind of roller-coaster. Tass, who owns BillyBrandtUSA.com and who is the moderator of the Yahoo Group, BillyBrandtFans, has caused a whole lot of confusion for all of us. The truth is ...  I have given her NO permission to sell any of my possessions, clothes, movies or any other article of mine ... however, she continues to do so without any approval from me. ALSO, the audio statement that she has on her USA site was an emotionally generated voice mail that I left for her ears ONLY. It was never meant to be some sort of “good-bye” to the XXX world and she certainly had no right to label it as such and to make it available for anyone to hear.

I'm leaving California, this week, for a much needed summer vacation (isn't that what summer is for?) ... and then I'll probably settle down in a new area. With planes, I can get anywhere I need to go for film, live or “private” appearances. And I do intend to continue doing those activities for quite some time. 

David Forest Entertainment will, of course, continue to be my exclusive representative for all film, print and live appearances. I will let David know where he can reach me ... as soon as my little “vacation” is done. 

So you know, I am “drug-free,”  180 lbs. and feel terrific.  (insert by David:  Billy looks as good as I've ever seen him).

My new movie, “Down to Earth” (G.A.I. Studios via Arena), will be out in a few weeks. I hope you'll all get a copy.  My scene with Dane Brando is one of my best. I get rock hard and shoot a “real” big load. 

In closing ... I want you to know that my decision to take this vacation and to leave California was necessary because of personal harassment and verbal threats by “Tass” and her other “gang” members.

Love To All,


… Well, if that isn’t just a page out of all our high school year books! Personally, I have enjoyed the times I’ve hung out with both Billy and Tass, but I’m glad to see them separated. There were maybe only a few times towards the beginning of their relationship that I actually saw them happy. From there, it was a series of nightmarish dramas, too sordid and often too childish, to bother with going into details. But Brandt is known (endearingly from this reporter!) for his drama, not to mention his good looks, and it’s easy to see why anyone would put up with his antics. And unfortunately when you’re Billy Brandt, one of the most popular and best-selling gay porn stars of my generation, a good woman will always be hard to find.



KERI WINDSOR’S FATHER ON DEATH BED: JasonCurious.com favorite, Keri Windsor, has been missing in action from our circle of porn as of late. I spoke with the blonde beauty by phone last week and found that she’s spent the past two to three weeks by her father’s side in the hospital. “It’s just been a really trying time for me,” she sighed, sounding exhausted. “There are times where I wonder if he even knows who I am. It’s really hard to deal with. I miss my friends. I hope to get back to work soon.” I’ve always admired Windsor for making family her first priority, as with her son and now with her father. It may seem the obvious answer, but too many attention-craved starlets out there take an alternative route.



SKYE BLUE GETS “CLEAVAGE” FRIENDLY: Big Top Video discovery turned Big Top Video director, Skye Blue, has signed on to promote her latest Big Top Video releases in a monthly column for the new magazine, Cleavage. The debut issue of Cleavage, a magazine featuring fresh faces of D+ cup women that are height/weight proportionate, from the highly successful Magna Publishing Company (Swank, Genesis, Velvet, Gent, D-Cup, etc.), will hit newsstands November 4th, 2003.

Each month, Skye Blue will pen her column from a “big bust” video director's perspective, detailing erotic behind-the-scenes accounts from her movies. Blue made her directorial debut with Big Top back in the mid-90’s, shooting Titty Twister, a classic that recently became available on DVD from www.boobsville.com.

“It's an exciting opportunity for me and a great venue to promote my movies,” said Blue in a statement from her own Digital Blue studio early this morning.



PORN STARS ACCUSE RON JEREMY OF RAPE: There’s nothing to say about Ginger Lynn accusing Ron Jeremy of rape that hasn't already been said in the past 24 hours by ever major adult news and gossip site on the Internet. The most detailed and factual telling of the story, from beginning to current, can be found at www.topprotalent.com; here it is also revealed that other women are now coming forward, saying they also were raped by one of porn’s most prominent celebs. It does seem Ginger has started a fire that may continue to burn for quite some time. I personally know more who are considering coming out with their own stories and I would have to urge anyone who this has happened to, as painful as it may be, to go public with the tragedy. If what they say of Jeremy is true, there’s only one way to stop him from doing it and it is not to sit idle and quiet. You can email your stories to Ginger Lynn directly, either on the record or off the record privately, at [email protected].



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