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September 17, 2003


“I’ve learned that I am not the owner of my talent. I am just the manager of it.”

- Madonna on how spirituality has influenced her artistry, yesterday on Oprah.

Sam Tyson Makes "Legit" Stage Debut with "My Boyfriend the Stripper"; Rhett O'Hara Retires, Engaged to be Married; Xara Diaz Seeks Contract; Pacific Sun Shoots Gay Porn's First All Double Penetration Movie.


SAM TYSON MAKES “LEGIT” STAGE DEBUT WITH “MY BOYFRIEND THE STRIPPER”: Column favorite (hell, who am I kidding? … everybody’s favorite!) Sam Tyson will be  makes his “legit” stage debut when he takes over for Rhett O’Hara in My Boyfriend the Stripper from October 8th – 26th. This new play from Ronnie “Making Porn” Larsen, which has received reviews from mediocre to smashing, is getting most of its publicity from its lead role that requires the actor to strip down naked on the stage – the part which will now be portrayed by Tyson!

Shows will be Wednesdays through Sundays at The Hyde Park Theatre in Austin, Texas. Look for tickets to go on sale by the month’s end at www.ticketweb.com.


RHETT O’HARA RETIRES, ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED: Meanwhile, I’m honored to be the first to announce that the boy who originated the role in My Boyfriend the Stripper, Rhett O’Hara, is engaged to be married. Still residing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, this gay pornster, who always had a penchant for women in the bedroom, is settling down and “retiring” from the XXX business… for now. Until his inevitably billed “highly anticipated comeback,” there’s plenty of Rhett to be found on JasonCurious.com. In fact, there’s 1 hour and 30 minutes of video and 174 photos of Rhett O’Hara inside Jason’s Closet. Get surfing!



XARA DIAZ SEEKS CONTRACT: Since gay porn uber agent, David Forest, has taken on gay XXX up and cummer, Ben Campezi, for his live appearance bookings, it seems he’s also taken on the job of selling his girlfriend, Xara Diaz, who has starred in a handful of videos for companies ranging from Vivid Video to Zero Tolerance Entertainment. Rumor has it, Diaz, a hot-bodied Latin hottie who speaks little English but turns out some of the hottest sex romps we’ve seen all year, is red hot for an exclusive contract and she’s having Forest help her in getting the ball rolling!

I’ve been informed that Forest is giving Jill Kelly Productions first dibs. He likes their stuff, she likes their stuff, we all like their stuff! And besides, David Forest and JKP’s CEO, Bob Friedland, are old friends from way back when the two used to work in mainstream entertainment!

…Yes, back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth!



PACIFIC SUN SHOOTS GAY PORN’S FIRST ALL DOUBLE PENETRATION MOVIE: Pacific Sun Entertainment, producers of best-selling twink movies like Sunny Delights, is teaming again with director, Phil St. John, who helmed their latest twink classic, Taggers, to bring us the first ever all gay, all twink, all double penetration sexvid! The movie, which shoots next week, is currently and cleverly titled, Double Delights. The young’uns slated to take two cocks up their holes at once are Tim Tyler, Abram, Sean West, and Robert Harvey, while tops include familiar cocks like Michael Brandon, Cameron Sage, and Bobby Gordon. Look for an exclusive on the set report and photo gallery to be posted in The Voyeur’s Log next Thursday after the shoot wraps and in the meantime, check out our last entry on Taggers. Those ‘lil buggers are bound to keep you busy until then!



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